Friday, March 03, 2006

Seattle, On the Ground

So, here I am using a foreign computer (one of them pee see thingies) to try to update for everyone...I think the browser needs updating, but that's me. I feel like I've gotten tre-technological since landing. Everyone seems to have iPods and laptops...I felt a little deprived (depraved ;)) until Tim let me carry his laptop around a bit yesterday. I didn't turn it on, but you know, it's a city, and what you show and how you show it is more important than something that exists for being, I dunno, utilitarian.

Day two of the search for a roof over my head begins! I've got about 10 houses to look at today...I must say this much though, rain? What rain? Must be some kind of myth, you know, like the 132 inches of rain Hilo, HI gets. Cuz you know, when you have smart-alecs a'visitin', it NEVER rains :). It's been very nice actually. A little chilly, but hi, not North Lake Tahoe chilly in the least :).

I've already mentioned this to Richard, for the sheer lack of ability to deal...but, there are SO MANY COMIC BOOK STORES here. No, no yarn shop excursions, yet. :) House first, then yarn! I have my priorities!

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