Monday, November 15, 2010

Flannel Sheets Make all the Difference

Color me jaded by silly things like forced air heating, and too many visits to the linens section only to exclaim, "Really? That much for flannel sheets! Are they threaded with gold or something?"

I am a changed woman.

My mom lives in LA, and as wonderful visions of Baywatch and Melrose Place or 90210 fill your vision, as well as that stand-by there is no "weather" or "seasons" there…not like Minnesota (or wherever your family is from), well, no, not really.

But as with all places, the people who live here have definitely acclimated, and like my girls in Hilo that used to pull on those super big and fluffy sweatshirts when the temps got below the constant 85 degrees, so to do the Angelinos prepare for "winter" as best they can by pulling out the various sweaters and jackets and ugh boots and flannel sheets once the months ending in "ber" come along.

And I have to keep reminding myself, really, it is a desert. It might be expected to get up to 80-some-odd degrees today, but it starts off at the "high" that Seattle was seeing all last week…somewhere in the steady 50s.

My mom seems to be a non-identified participant in the "Heater Wars" that I read other bloggers are having with themselves…her thermostat is busted, so she warms the house exactly the way it was warmed when I was a kid, turn on the stove/oven and start making breakfast.

So I might have gone to bed last night thinking, um, really? Flannel? But At 5:30 this car-alarmed filled morning (oh yeah, I've heard 4 already…welcome to East LA?) I'm snuggling in my sheets wondering why I have been depriving myself of such a obvious utter necessity.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Wonders of Modern Technology

I am typing this on my lappy at the gate to my flight.

Yep, this is still a new thing for me, having access to the 'net when not ensconced in the (relative) safety of home or work. If I ever get a smart phone, I think my brain might explode at all the possibilities I'll have at my fingertips.

Of course people around me are smirking a little as they do their surfing/blogging/facebooking on their little devices of doom. Yep, always a generation behind. Not caring all that much, really.

So, somehow I finished getting everything ready to go before midnight last night. I KNOW!

As usual I probably over-packed...but it's a sickness really, my inability to go under-prepared. Were this a school or work-related thing, it'd make sense. Rely on me, I will have the extra pen, a copy of the agenda/extra copy of the document, notes to that Chemistry class no one bothered to listen in. I am the person people come snag ibuprophen, tissues, even eye-glass cleaning supplies from (it was a free sample).

Turning that switch off when traveling? Worse, when traveling allbymyself? Impossible.

So now my back might hurt a little as dragging my not-so-carry carry-on and backpack through a million miles of airport corridors (why does my flight ALWAYS leave from the furthest gate from the check-in point??). My hope is that I'll only need half of what I'm bringing.

There seems to be stop, LA.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Think I've Mentioned The "H" Word and Packing, Right?

It's that time of year again.

The temperatures are dipping to a lovely 50-ish degrees, I'm wearing some knitted creations that I probably haven't blogged about...and I have to figure out where I put my shorts and would sneakers or my Birks get less attention at the airport...

It's my yearly trek to LA. You know, in November, when temps are finally down to the um, 80s.

I leave on Saturday, which is coincidentally my dad's b-day. I might bake him something if their kitchen isn't in the 90s. Hmmm, just mentioning that makes me think it might be a better call to actually go out and find the necessary sugar, you know, to appease the gods...and my need for cake. (Cuz, yeah, it might be his birthday, but HELLO, :).)

I am procrastinating even going to work as my shower thought this AM was, "Hmm, maybe I should pull out the suitcase this morning...." Yeah, so here I sit, just having KNITTED on my SWEATER (the one I mentioned, I dunno, a year + ago?) instead of actually doing anything which might involve the "P" word.

As long as I pack my mac and a credit card, I'll be fine, right? I'm going to LA la land after all...

I'm sure there is a support group out there I should join.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

You Take a Month Off....

of blogging that is, and not quite a month...there's days to go before I hit 1 month exactly.

Excuses, excuses. But no one to blame but myself. Shocking! I know!

So here is a funny...Blogger doesn't seem to want to play nice with Chrome. Seeing as they are both a part of the Google conglomerate is yet another reason I should just buy the iPhone and get it over with :).

Not too long ago I celebrated the re-releasing/25th anniversary of Back to the Future with what felt like a room full of teen-aged boys:
Seriously, I looked around the theater and realized I was one of a very few women who have fully accepted their geek natures. Ah well, I also fenced, also not your average sport for a girl who grew up in SoCal. Regardless, it was a blast!

See, I do do stuff, even if I don't post about it.