Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hoooooo Boy, and a Random Pic For Wednesday

Right, so it's not quite Wednesday yet, but I doubt I'll have time to post. Posting all the following pics should make up for it, or something...
Andy and I took turns shoveling today. This was Andy's contribution to the day. Yes, it snowed. I haven't looked in a bit, but it might still be snowing. Yes, we leave for Seattle tomorrow...fun on a stick :). Happily our ride to the airport has an AWD little Toyota to tackle the roads. Fun.

So I spent today sorting and packing. I packed a WHOLE BOX! I sorted and sorted and was amazed at how much I own. Really. Those books I mentioned the other day? I swear, they are multiplying on their own... In one box, almost forgotten...I did mention I wasn't quite right when I packed? I found a treasure:
I had this little guy still wrapped in tissue paper. Inside was a cookbook that I packed before I thought to include it in pictures, as well as a towel with a teacher motif sewn onto one side...also buried somewhere else now. It was a gift my students gave me on my last day last year. There was much crying that day. My students and mine. So much so that I put this in the bag I was taking with me and yeah, hadn't looked at it since, horrid I know. The cookbook is of Island cuisine, put together by a Hilo association which I can't tell you word for word, because it's packed... The part that made me almost sit down and sob was when I looked inside and found a tag.
That tag has the name of a parent of one of my old students. (Did I write that correctly?) It's homemade. And from the same family that supplied me with towels for all seasons (I had their child for 7th grade English and Yearbook when he was in 8th grade), cookies galore, and were so very caring that they were the kind of parents I wish all of my students EVER should have.
As I looked at the picture of the bag I realized you can't really tell how big it is. It fits 2 balls of Cascade 220. Yeah, that's right, it's become a knitting bag. Andy says I need to admit to my addiction. Here you can see it with my current WIPs, the sock on the top left side, the scarf on the top and right sides(I finally attached the third ball of Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton...this scarf is going so slowly...).

Okay everybody, if I want to get any sleep, or dinner actually, yeah, dinner then sleep, I must scedaddle and finish putting away everything I've taken out...it kinda looks like the room exploded...no pictures though, we don't know one another that well yet. And if we do, you already know how messy I can get :).

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Did I Really Just Spend All Day Backing Up My Lappy?

Yessiry, Bob!
Fun on a stick, this technology stuff.

So fun I'm gonna do a meme tonight that will take it all into a different realm:

Meme instructions
: Look at the list of books below. Bold the ones you've read, italicize the ones you might read, cross out the ones you won't, underline the ones on your book shelf, and place parentheses around the ones you've never even heard of.***
    The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
    The Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger
    The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - Douglas Adams
    The Great Gatsby - F.Scott Fitzgerald
    To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

    The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
    His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J. K. Rowling
    Life of Pi - Yann Martel
    Animal Farm: A Fairy Story - George Orwell
    Catch-22 - Joseph Heller
    The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien
    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - Mark Haddon
    Lord of the Flies - William Golding
    Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
    1984 - George Orwell
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - J. K. Rowling

    One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden
    The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
    The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold
    Slaughterhouse 5 - Kurt Vonnegut

    Angels and Demons - Dan Brown-Right, so I own it but haven't read it yet.
    Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk
    Neuromancer - William Gibson
    Cryptonomicon - Neal Stephenson

    (The Secret History - Donna Tartt)
    A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
    Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
    The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - C. S. Lewis

    Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides - Same as above
    (Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell)
    The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien
    Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
    Good Omens - Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman

    (Atonement - Ian McEwan)
    (The Shadow Of The Wind - Carlos Ruiz Zafon)
    The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway I began it...a couple of times...
    The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood
    The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath
    Dune - Frank Herbert
***So the underlined book thing...not many as you can see. One big reason...I'm moving and this will be my second big move in as many years. I've gotten rid of more books than I can honestly remember owning (where do they come from? I think they multiply when we're not looking...or something...) So it's not that I'm opposed to owning books...it's just that it's so much easier NOT to have to move them. Of course there's also the fact that I've been working at a library for the last 8 months, really and truly lessening my need to "own" what I read :).

I keep losing parts of my post, so I'm going to fix this one last bit and give up completely...
I'm sitting here trying to figure out the purpose of this meme and it's kinda lost to me. I thought I had a brilliant realization, but Blogger seems to have eated it. Instead I'll just note that I've read a heck of a lot of books in my time due to the fact that I was an English Major as well as an English Teacher. Working at a library helps a great deal as well. As for crossing out a fairly popular book I've decided I'm not all that interested in reading The Kite Runner mainly because there are still 60-someodd holds on it, so I'll pass until the next James Patterson or Sue Monk Kid or whoever's book takes over. Silly, yes? I do these things....

(I've discovered the fun of colors, can you tell?)

Currently I'm down to the last three books I'll be checking out of the KB Library:
    Everything is Iluminated - Jonathan Safran Foer
    Naked Came the Manitee - A novel by a whole bunch of writers
    The Big Over-Easy - Jasper Fforde
Chart-toppers, I know. After a day like today I want to turn off Lappy and flip pages. Who cares if it slows down my knitting...or I just won't knit at all...I'm 3/4ths of the way done with my first adult sock. No rush, my feet aren't growing anymore. Enough already with the computers and the more typing...it's raining outside and it's cold inside...maybe it's best for it to be bedtime already.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Last Day...

I should probably take my camera to work...maybe even snap a picture of the place. Today is my "official" last day at the Kings Beach Library. I'm not supposed to give back the key though, until I'm a day away from driving out of KB for the last time. You know, just in case K or L need a break and I'm going wacko from packing. I hate moving, you see. I'd rather go get another filling or five than pack. But that's me.

Alrighty then, more later :).

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Today marks one year that I'm in Tahoe.
It's only relevant if you know why I'm in Tahoe...if I'm to use this blog as a form of therapy, I'll share. I came to Tahoe to get away from Hawai'i because I thought I'd go crazy there. I probably was going crazy there. Andy describes my last year's self as seeming to be "trying too hard." Sweetie, that's cuz I was barely holding it together.

In less than a month from now it will be my one year anniversary for the finalization of my divorce. Day by day...it's all about taking it (and I'm going to be stuck with that song in my head all day, I know it), one day at a time....

In less than a week I'll be flying up to Seattle to look for a new place to live. Tahoe has been very good to me, it's let me hide in the warmth of a really neat cabin and really good friends. And a really awful townhouse, and really good friends :). It's let me wallow in my misery without telling me to "move on" or get over it before I had to. It's let me see that I can do something with myself and laugh and play again, really. Even on slave wages for the Placer county :).

Okay, speaking of "the man," I gotta go work!

Happy anniversary to me.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Random Picture Wednesday

I think I like this title for Wednesdays; hope no one minds.

So I was just gonna cut and resize until I only had the socks in the frame, but Andy thought that was just plain silly. Besides if Sergio and Bea (Andy's Dad & Mom) are reading, they'll be sad I didn't show baby D's face. So here he is, sportin' some Tactless Booties :). I mean, Debbie Bliss 2-Needle Socks, or whatever they're called :).

Speaking of pictures...I need to know, my 2 or 3 readers, just out of curiosity, how important is your passport picture to you? What I'm aiming for here is, do you care that you look lame in a picture that is yours to keep and show to foreign and sometimes rather handsome custom/coast guard/entry officials for the next 10 years?

I had this conversation today with the fellow at a "shall remain nameless" photo place where I was taking passport pictures. I mean, well, I've had an up to date and current passport since I was 14 or so...16 maybe? Whatever. I'm going on 32 now, and the next time I hit the renew button for this guy I'll be (GULP!) 42 (!!!). Do I want to cringe every time I flash my document? Especially with all the new rules and regulations (laws?) surrounding travel that are starting up this December???

Urgh...my easy 20 minute "drive in to Tahoe City, take pics, pay $12 and off I go" turned into a 1.5 hour "where the heck is this place, can I park here, sorry lady I have to do it again, am I standing where I need to be-did you just take my picture, $12 for my hair to be all messed up and me not looking right at the camera, not happy, are these even the right size, drive to Incline Village to find 1 hr place, they're on vacation until after I leave for Seattle, find the post office, hi, pay $15, you look frazzled, sit down a minute, here's a mirror, how are you, meet the guy who grew up in the house that the KB Library used to be, deep breath, here are your pictures, have a nice day" experience.

Except for that last bit, meeting the guy who grew up in the house that the KB Library used to be, I feel a bit miffed about the experience. Picture taking is traumatic enough for me. I don't like being on the unfriendly side of the camera lens. Hello! Look at my profile picture! I'm looking at the Grand Canyon, no need to put my back against it and have the little magic box steal my soul! I mean, ummm, yeah, I don't like cameras much. No need to document that I'm older, have wrinkles, etc., I already know these things. I see them every morning. No need to freeze them in time. I guess it's the size of the matter. I don't feel this way about ID pictures. Probably because they're itty bitty pictures that are hiding behind the State of California Seal and lots of plastic and such. Most people don't even look at the face, they're more interested in seeing if your birth date is pre or post 1985.

Passport pictures are right in your face. They show how overheated or nervous or broken out you are. Lovely, yes. I'm reminded of my aunt's "traveling papers." She's a nun from Mexico and they used to have special traveling papers. Her "passport" was this huge document, on one side a picture of her with her hair brushed tightly back away from her face. No habit, no glasses (if you wore them), nothing. No smile either. On the other, what she would "usually" look like, habit, glasses, etc. When she showed it to me she also told me about the day they took the pictures.
It was HORRIBLE. There were these pretty young girls ahead of us who had gotten all made up and ready for their pictures (you only took one set and these papers were yours for EVER --NOT 10 years, FOREVER, eep). Their hair was done up nicely (it was the early 60s) in these gorgeous hairdos that had those cute bows in them, and their make-up was flawless. What they didn't know, what no one knew, was that the first picture they take of you is the one with NO make-up and your hair pulled back and flat, out of your face and in a bun. There was a basin, jug of water, and a coarse towel in the room. I think they did it on purpose. They had no heart.
So using perspective, yeah, mine was a cake walk. I guess I just wish it didn't have to be anything so grand and dramatic that I felt like sharing. Trauma and drama are not my thing. They give me rashes. Best to stay away from anything that makes me break out in anything, ya know?

Happy random Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bloglines VS Bookmarks

Okay, I premise this post with the following: I am not at all very experienced with the explosion of the web world. I live in my little corner of the universe and these are my opinions. If you are ultra-web savvy and my post offends from its inability to reach your uber-techno-officiousness, go read slash-dot and leave me alone.

So I signed up for bloglines, and yeah, might as well tell you as I realized (late in the game) that all of my preferences and blogs that I "subscribe" to are public knowledge. Good thing this was figured out before I joined the porn sites, eh? Just kidding random family members who read this. Not my style and you know it.

Bloglines is a great idea, but still kinda young in its execution. I don't like how it doesn't keep the blog-page's original style, believe it or not, I spend time making sure the words are working their way around a picture the right way (when there are pictures). Bloglines tends to spray them and the text willy-nilly enough to lose a word or a sentence; at times making the post incomprehensible. Sad. So I end up clicking and loading the blog page for ease of reading.

Then there's the fact that bloglines doesn't connect to the comments (or so I've heard others say, I actually haven't looked, so crucify my later, 'kay?). Part of the fun of reading some of my favorite blogs is reading what other people have to say. So I have to click onto the blog page anyway.

I have all the pages I stalk (far more than what's listed on my blog) in my bookmarks folder. And Firefox lets gives you the option of opening them all in tabs! A nightmare for my housemate as it's a good LOOOOONNNNNGGGG loading time should I choose to implement the option. Not to mention that Lappy might freeze and die in the middle of it as, well, she can only handle so much lately. But once loaded, the pages are all there in their glory. But it's ALL of them, not just the ones that have been updated, which reminds me...

Then there's when bloglines updates...I'm not at all sure they worked this out well. I'll update my page and then check bloglines and sometimes it's hours later than I see my link in bold. So using bloglines to keep me "on the pulse" of peoples' updates is not all that useful. Though, um, being on the pulse? Not all that necessary. I'm mostly reading knitting blogs, it's not as if it's a life or death situation here. Of course there's also the problem of bloglines missing updates (I read about this a while back, before I even knew what bloglines was), so soley depending on it for updates might leave you behind.

So what is faster and more convenient? I'm not sure. I haven't done any official tests. Bloglines is great for when I'm not in front of Lappy. I can fill my addiction elsewhere with minimal discomfort. Especially as I don't really want to type in my blog address in places where they might be monitoring such things (work) and might put me in some kind of awkward situation. I mean, there's NO WAY I'm gonna be bookmarking personal things on an almost public (work) terminal, that would be beyond silly.

I guess my biggest peeve about bloglines is that if someone soley uses bloglines to read my page, they're just reading black text on white screen. Any trouble I go through to make the page snazzy, they'll never know. Any updates to the sidebar? Lost, unless I point it out. Oh, and any "tracking" or "stats" (not that this is big on my list of "why I have a blog," mind, just an observation) is lost to the ether. You don't get counted unless you actually show up to the page.

So what's my bottom line? I've been using bloglines at home to see if it's worth it. As Lappy is on her last legs, as the "processor-heimers" creeps in, it's best to keep the processing to the minimum. Opening too many tabs at once is a strain on her. So I like the "only click on the blog that's been updated" option. That is less work, even if it involves waiting for an individual page to load each time instead of having them all load up at once. If I miss a post or 7, it's not gonna kill me...I guess I wish bloglines was more advanced than it currently is. Yup, that's what it is. When will the Star Trek universe finally show up? (Maybe that's why I'm procrastinating at buying a new computer...I get the feeling that as soon as I do, the "data-disks" and "palm-computers" will be shipping....urgh.)

Okay, if you're still reading you must love me. I'm signing off for now. Must pack. Or something.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dead Like Me Marathon

"Dead Like Me," does anyone ever watch that show?

To remind my loyal readers, and those just passing by, I don't own a TV. (Yipes!?! No! You lie!) Yes, it's true. I once bought one for the simple "white noise" it produced when I was a grad student living in the most "interesting" part of Menlo Park (the kids used to call it "east" Menlo Park. It was so sad and pathetic that I needed company in the form of Star Trek TNG & The Simpsons episodes (which seemed to ALWAYS be on--this was the time of syndication and on Network TV too!).

Fact was, once I moved onto my sailboat, a TV just had no place. I think my friend Mikey might still have that TV, unless it's bitten the dust. Believe it or not, after a while, it's easy to live without said electronic equipment...but the Network execs would put a hit out on me if they knew I was telling you this, so shhhhh. All I ever liked watching were old syndicated shows anyway...Enter the latest cable trend: complete seasons on DVD.

I'm no alien! Just cuz there's no television in my life doesn't mean there's no way to watch movies and such. I may complain day and night (recently) about my little lappy, however, when it will give me sound, it is perfect for playing DVD's.

Now, add this fact to my free access to movies (Placer county does not charge you money to check out movies everyone!) and I'm home free. One of the many perks of working slave labor at a library is that you can be the absolute first to check out a DVD (unless someone put a hold on it long ago and far away), and that's what happened with this series. I guess I couldn't resist the grim reaper blowing bubble gum bubbles on the cover.

What with this video burning a hole in my lappy's DVD drive and my sinuses deciding to get me one more time before leaving the mountains, I sat and watched, for HOURS. Well, until my sinus headache became so bad that I had to take the heavy duty pain killers...and almost tossed them and my dinner, the pain was so bad. (I hate this whole sinus issue. In Hawai'i it was the volcano and its ash and such. Here it's the dryness that's not being my friend. I wonder what Seattle will bring me.) As Andy says he's googling to see if I mention his name, I sucked Andy into watching most of the pilot episode and ANDY and I watched all of the 14 season 1 episodes together.

It certainly has given us much to talk about. For those who don't know. the premise is this: an 18-yr old gets killed in a "violent" way and becomes a "reaper;" an "undead" who has no special powers except for that "culling of souls" thing. She assumes a fake identity (and face for those who are alive who see her) and must pursue her new role as well as try to make money to "live" her "undead" life until she's reaped enough souls of people who have also (or will also) succumb to violent deaths to "go on" to her own afterlife. Yeah, that's Showtime for you :). But I think it works.

Mandy Patinkin (Inigo Montoya of "The Princess Bride") plays "Rube." The boss of the motley crew that work the...ha, get this...WASHINGTON region. Or so I'm guessing. The pilot episode is the only one that mentions that the kid's father is a professor at the "U of Dub" which I took to mean University of Washington. That and all the Tudor-style houses, the boats, the sea shore, the lakes, the fact that they have to take ferries to get to some "appointments." But they don't mention it again during the rest of the season.

Jasmine Guy (you remember her? Whitley from that Cosby Show spin-off "A Different World"?), she plays Roxy, a tough little meter-maid come reaper. I love her character.

The main girl, ummmm, Ellen Muth, is so very cute. She has a lip thing going that you know, you just KNOW was a lisp thing when she was younger. She's perfectly apathetic and then wonderfully dead pan. And I hate saying it cuz I really really hated it when it was told to me, but I think it's almost adorable when she swears!

This is what happens when you watch a season of shows over two nights while under 800 mg Motrin and Sudafed, what can I say? Well, I can say that I'm thankful about the whole "last-season-straight-to-DVD" phenomena. I feel like such a hick, but when did that happen? I mean, I hear that "Lost" is on DVD (KB Library even OWNS that first season but we haven't seen hide nor hair of it as it's making the rounds by the kagillion people who have it on hold) and aren't they network TV? I know I will be an old and gray lady before the Simpsons catch up their DVD thing as they began as syndicated and I'm guessing have to wait until they get the rights back? My little brother has up to season 7 or something, while we're on, what, season 15 or so? TV and entertainment are bizarre concepts that I will probably catch up on again some day. I mean, when I have friends writing for "Cold Case" and that new "telenovela" style soap opera Richard is working on, how can I not?

Oh, that knitting thing...right. Worked on the sock. I'm doing the "heel flap" for what seems like the 7th or 10th time...learning curve, yup, must keep telling myself this, oh yeah. Pictures some day...but no, not today.

Friday, February 17, 2006

A family thing...

So...the sun was out long enough for me to do some set up and picture taking. But even in the picture it's obvious:

I made it too big!!!!

I have two little heads I wanted to cover in "brother-esque" hats...instead of just doing what I did last time, cast on and gooooooo! I looked for a pattern of what I kinda wanted so I could follow...grumble...Why change what worked last time? Well, I didn't like that little bump/divit/thing that happens where you knit the "hem" of the hat. I saw one that followed what I had done and it had a brilliant way of dealing with it...only, um, well, you can still see it and now I have a "dad" hat instead of a "wee one" hat...back to the drawing board...I suppose I can make a Panta for mom and then all my bases will be covered...yeeesss, whadda ya know...

Okay, for you guys who like all the detail stuff:

BIG Green "Dad" hat
Yarn: Cascade 220 in 9413 & 9435
Needles: 7 & 8 Circs
Pattern: Kinda sorta but not really followed "Needle Felted Hat" in Knit Hats! Only I obviously changed it completely by striping it and ditching the i-cord loopy thing.

Sigh....cuz I did want to work on my sock some more...yes, singular. Or even, gasp, finish that scarf before I have to pack it up...(scarf update: we're beginning the 3rd ball, it's about 30", I will never finish at this rate...)

Oh well, it's bright white outside, 70% chance of snow today and 80% tomorrow...unless I'm, gasp, actually packing, I think there'll be a whole lotta knitting going on. I know, I know, my life, she is so very exciting.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Happy Birthday Suzanna!
(Why have a blog if you can't do stuff like this, right? Right.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Random Picture Wednesday

Can you even see them? Those two blurry little images are what my parents look like at 5AM walking down the sidewalk near Terminal 3 at LAX. My mom, who had BOTH knees replaced about 13-12 years ago (one a year, we can average), is in the lead...and no, it's not an optical illusion, she really does only come up to my dad's shoulder. She's all of 4' 6" give or take a quarter inch or three depending on the shoes she's wearing. Still, I find it a little funny that my dad, with legs a foot longer and all his, is eating her dust.

Right. This of course means no knitting to show, again. Problem is possibly the same one Aloha & Oreos is having. My camera. (Can we say having a bad technology week?)

My camera is really only good for "brightest sun of the day" shots. Well, that only really happens once a day, and umm, I haven't been around with both knitting and camera in the same place to have another great photo shoot. I'm kinda tired of showing crappy pictures, so I'm waiting instead.

This of course will put me behind, cuz I did join something a bit ago, but have not had the chance to do much about, oh, posting the button or posting on the site itself:

They even take Pantas! Does mine count I wonder??? I actually was knitting it when I first asked to join the KAL...I'll say as much and see if it's okay.

Yup, time is of the essence these days. Tuesday was my last day at one of my libraries. Today was my "official" last day at the other. But as it's in town and walking distance, I said I'd fill in when they needed me...so tee hee, I'm working tomorrow and Friday. And all of next week...eep. Then it's off to Seattle to find shelter, I mean a nice place to live, yes. I need to seriously start looking for work as well. I've only been half-heartedly searching. I just don't know what I want to do. Worse case, there's always a temp. agency to sign up with.

So Andy says my blog would be more interesting if I didn't meander through so many topics in one go...I said I'd think about the advantages of brevity and focus. I don't think that's a "go" tonight though. Sorry Andy, sorry dear readers. Maybe next time.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Raindrops on roses, and iPods that listen....

Technology and I are rarely on the same page.
I have lived many years and can and do freely admit it, technology and I are not fast friends. We are acquaintances at most. Introduced by friends of friends. We chit chat and talk story every once in a while, but lawd knows, as sure as the tax documents I'm trying to round up, we NEVER EVER try to rely on one another.

8 hours.
That's how long I was in a car this weekend. That's how long I was going to have to knit and maybe listen to a few more chapters of The Jane Austen Book Club, or, and I am so very psyched, Saving Fish From Drowning by Amy Tan. READ BY THE AUTHOR! But did you read that silly little word in the second sentence? WAS. As in: did-not; as in: because-my-iPod-mini-decided-to-choke; as in: kill-everything it was attached to minutes-before-we-were-supposed-to-be-on-the-road! Yes. To make the cycle complete, it took down my little powerbook with it. Nothing for it but to cut the power and wait until today to deal. Fun on a stick.

I need a new computer.
As soon as the taxes are filed, and I know how many "fun tickets" get to go to oncle sam, I am plunking down some cash for something new (but shhhh, don't tell my powerbook, he gets really really sensitive). I spent HOURS trying to figure out why oh why, when he deems me worthy of having sound, STATIC shoots out of the speakers. Loud, popping, cruel static. Stuff that makes your ears bury themselves in your shoulders. So the mute button is on, cuz I just gave up. I'm learning that as much as I'd like to multi-task, such is no longer a possibility with little Lappy here.

I think that's what made my iPod go ballistic on Saturday morning. It wanted very badly to update itself and I asked it not to, but I don't think it listened to me. So me, without knowing something else was going on, I tried loading some Amy Tan onto my mini, only for it to choke and freeze and make bad things happen all around. By the time I'd gotten Lappy to start up again, it said some "thing" that it could not recognize was attached to it, get it away RIGHT NOW or it threatened to REFORMAT it. Sigh... I did mention I'm a credentialed English Teacher currently playing Librarian, yes? Right. I don't like to play when I'm being threatened with evil sounding words like "reformat." It gives me chills.

My favorite things...
I was helping Andy's sister remember the lyrics this weekend. I sang it in choir in high school. I think more modern lyrics need to help it along. Cuz as cute as whiskers on kittens are, and as evil as bee stings can be, and dog bites for that matter, I can far too easily substitute things like:
Music that downloads and pictures that upload,
blogs that get published late into the night,
These are a few of my favorite things....

When the call drops, when the disk crashes, when I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad....
Look, I never said I wasn't a big ol' dorkasaurous.

10 o'clock tick tock
Now that it's 10PM, my Lappy is finally running again, my iPod is once again an iPod, and my Lappy is not trying to actively hurt it, and there's even some Amy Tan as well as a good selection of music ready for my use tomorrow, which happens to also be my very last day at the Tahoe City Library. Then I'm back to just Kings Beach until the end of the month. Then...the moving process begins full swing. By this time in March I might actually know where in the Greater Seattle area I'll be living next!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Too Darned Hot...

I must be thinking of LA and the fact that they're to have 80 degree weather all weekend. Little jealous, if not for the fact that it is LA. I love my family and friends who still live there, honest, but I can't stand the city itself. It gives me rashes...

Which is probably to open/segue to tonight's thoughts and ramblings...

Some weird-ass things not covered in my 100 things :) AKA that 5 idiosyncrasy meme
1. My body physically reacts to my mental state. I am prone to rashes from stress, headaches from anxiety, eye twitches from exhaustion or overwork. How did I make it this far I wonder?

2. My baby blanket, it's still here, keeps me warm. Will be mine until there is nothing left of it, so keep away! My mom thought it'd be such a nice thing to give it to my little brother when I was away at college (he'd just been born). HA! I showed her, came home for a visit and whisked it away! (I bought him a replacement, I'm not that evil, sheesh.)

3. I have a little stuffed dragon that has usurped the place of my latest stuffed animal. I've had a series of them, beginning with, yeah, funny that, a wee little lamby who looked quite shorn. My little dragon goes with me everywhere if it requires packing a bag and leaving town for more than an overnight. He's the security blanket I need when my blanket is just far too big to come with me. Yeah, I'm not a kid anymore, but how does that equate to not being scared of things? I never quite understood.

4. I do not sleep well if I'm not using my pillow. Seriously. And my pillow (very flat, rather old...very often washed, it's a wonder it's still in one piece) lives in a light blue flannel (only in name, it's so old) pillowcase covered in white sheep. Really, I'll take a picture one of these days.

5. I'm a pen freak. Penophile? "Levenger Porn" is what Andy calls it. In my purse? A rainbow of colors for all my needs. Fountain pens, with pretty colored ink....ahhhhh.

Okay, I'll stop now. Cuz the "too darned hot?" It's my laptop. Even the keyboard is overheating. That's a good time for me to let it go sleepy sleepy. Especially as I don't have anything of interest to share today.

Good luck to the Knitting Olympians (as well as those other, you know, regular Olympians :)). I'm off to Cottonwood this weekend to play with a 6-month old. Maybe one of those pairs of socks will fit him? You never know. (As my "H" key is sticking, more of a reason to stop for the night.)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sew Slow, Sew Hard...Sew Fun

No, not a post about SFSE, I just couldn't resist the pun.

I'm not one to leave anyone hanging (sorry Birdsong), I was gonna write more about the trauma with sewing machines yesterday, but I literally fell asleep at the keyboard, so I put off my storytelling until tonight...

Ah what peaceful bliss I enjoyed when I first bought my current sewing machine...actually that's a half-truth. If not a downright lie. I was very much mourning for my old machine then.

My very first sewing machine was a Singer, given to me by one of my most favorite nuns in the universe, Sr. Charles. She was of the "blue-haired-irish" variety. When I was really little, my mom used to take my brother and I to the high school she worked in, which eventually was the high school I attended (quick aside--that chapel, I used to help my mom clean it, using Murphy's Oil infused clothes my brother and I would slide across the pews on our tushies...memories).

Mom'd leave us to sit quietly and do our summer school homework in the big kitchen, and I used to sneak into the nun's quarters and sit with Sr. Charles while she sewed. For the holidays the Principal used to make her famous Trifle, and Sr. Charles always sneaked me some, yeah, the adult version, with alcohol and everything. When Sr. Charles was asked to move to the "Care Facility" where she would "help" take care of other older nuns, she not only gave me the sewing machine, but boxes and boxes of fabric and half-finished items that she was not allowed to take with her. I cried. I was 9 years old.

I still own the first thing I ever made with that sewing machine. A half-finished mu'umu'u in a brown bamboo pattern was in one of the boxes. I transfigured it into a robe which I've worn quite thin these past 21 years.

Enough set-up for you? I'm tearing as I remember. Sorry, see yesterday #100.

So fast-forward to 2001, where I'm gearing up to go on a sailing trip with my X husband (then married). We're participating in the Nautical Flea Market at the Elkhorn Yacht Club (my yacht club). We're clearing out everything possible, everything that won't fit on the boat, everything that can go, must. He brings my Singer out of the storage room.

me: "No, not that, I'm either taking it with me or my mom's getting it."
X: "It won't fit on the boat, and your mom's not gonna want this old thing."
me: "I don't want to sell it."
X: "You're not going to need it."
me: "I'm not selling it."
X: "It's too big for the boat."
me: "I'm not selling it."

$20. That's how much it was sold for. I don't know who bought it, only that I know I didn't sell it. I know that it was set down BEHIND me and I manned the table most of the day. I cried and cried and he said he'd buy me one that fit on the boat. I cried some more.

Jump to: the sewing machine store...don't ask me, it was next door to a Kragen Auto Parts in Capitola, CA, anyone know? Is it still there? We're pricing them because we needed to sew canvas, and I was not going to sew anything by hand that would require pliers and a leather glove. I wanted a Singer. Truth was, I wanted MY Singer. Something like 9 stitch functions with, whoo hoo, the ability to sew backward-ooooooh, a new feature back when I'd gotten it! That was not going to happen.

The man talked my X into a Janome Jem Gold. A Quilting machine. Small but powerful. What sold both of us was when he showed me how to sew leather onto a piece of canvas. It would do.

For the next 3 years it lived in a little cabinet all for itself, getting thrashed through bad weather and used to sew up curtains and the odd heavy thing. I lived 2 years in Hawai'i, through many heavy oilings to keep it from turning nasty in all the humidity.

There is where the mystery begins. February of 2005 I packed 18 boxes of my stuff (mostly teaching material) and mailed it off to LA to live with my mom while I took a short insanity break in Lake Tahoe. I did not meet or greet those boxes. The first time I laid eyes on any of it was 4 or 5 months later when I was ready to empty and reorganize, and throw out the broken stuff. If you have ever, I mean EVER moved from one state (especially one in the middle of the pacific ocean) to another, you know things will break. My brother had given me a writing box for my 19th birthday. It too survived 6,000 miles of the sailing life, only to be SMASHED TO BITS by the 3,000 mile trip to LA. I really should have looked at my sewing machine then, but yesterday's #89 should tell you why I didn't.

Have you guessed it by now? The case was intact. See:
But there was some REALLY odd rattling on the inside...
So I opened it up and took it apart. Yes, what I said, see:
You know how the needle part is supposed to go all the way down to make a stitch? Can't, hits the backing plate. The foot is where it's supposed to be, the needle hits the plate. It's pushed so very far over that it can not do it's job one bit. Will have to try a hammer soon. You know that knob that changes all the stitches? Stuck. Why stuck? That's cuz, and you'll see what my photoshop skills are in just a sec:
(This is the top view of the machine's right-hand side, where all the fun gears are.)
the little orange circle with the arrows? That's where a machine screw that connects the gears to the other fun levers and stuff was SHEERED OFF. I may have done it when trying to crank the knob over. Or it just may be the tip of the iceburg.

I've bought a replacement screw and tried oh so very very very hard to explain to the nice people at ACE that I wanted the tiniest tap they had, as well as the tiniest drill bit they had, so I could get the sheered part of the screw out of it's black hole.

They insisted I didn't want that. I wanted a tap THE SIZE of the screw. According to them, I am to drill out the most that I can and re-tap it. This would work if what I was retapping was something that went all the way through to the other side, oh yes. But no, this is, of course, in an "elbow" bend. Fun on a stick.

I mentioned several times this was for a sewing machine. The guy laughed and said the same thing Andy said, "Are you going to be able to put all the pieces back where you found them?" I just smiled. I hate that. I really really hate that. I really really really hate that they wouldn't listen to what it was I wanted and needed. Had Andy gone in to ask for what I'd asked for, I wonder if he'd have come out with what was wanted vs. what they insisted would work?

So the machine? She's decorating the top of the fireplace, in pieces, until the right tools are gathered and I ( or Andy and I) will pound away on that little guy a little more. I give it 2 or 3 more hours before I give up. Maybe it's a sign...I could do with buying a nice, small, no frills, oh I dunno: SINGER!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Last of the 100…

The Final Stretch...but if there are tons of grammar/spelling/weirdness errors, forgive, long day.

76. Badtz Maru is my favorite Sanrio (Hello Kitty) character.
77. Both my phone and iPod “carriers” are “Hello Kitty;” as Badtz has a very limited collection to choose from, and no carriers at all, at the time of purchase.
78. When my students (7th graders) heard that I was “into” Sanrio, their disbelief was unnerving. Until I remembered I’m now old enough to be their parent, and “mom” is NOT into what THEY are into, how uncool.
79. Happy Bunny? Oh yeah, I like. My favorite being, “I’m not mean, you’re just a sissy,” that I have as a bumper sticker, but use as a bookmark as I don’t own a car to stick it on.
80. My 14 yr old brother also likes Happy Bunny and he got that same, “you can’t be into that!” reaction…so I gave him my “Skool makes you sooper smartt” button that I’d gotten for myself...sigh, the things older sisters have to do to placate their siblings.
81. I love to cook. My favorite thing to make used to be anything Mexican that my mom taught me. I shocked an old housemate the other night when I said I rarely cook Mexican food anymore.
82. I still love eating Mexican food, but I’m taking a break from daily ingestion…maybe like that teaching thing too. I spent two years in Mexico eating nothing but Mexican food…but I don’t think that’s what put me off of it.
83. Maybe it’s cuz my favorite Mexican rice (aside from my Mom’s; Mom’s will always be my absolute favorite,) was made by my X. I taught him how to make it, as, no, he is NOT Mexican. Were he, um, he probably would never have gone into the kitchen.
84. We cooked a lot of food together, including my favorite Mexican meals: enchiladas and chiles rellenos. So if we all put on our Pop-Psycho hats, we can see that I’m not quite ready to embark on stuff that still hurts.
85. So I’ve been scouring through recipes and cookbooks looking for new and fun things to make instead! My guinea pigs, I mean housemates, don’t seem to mind one bit. One thing I’ve never been very good at is how to cook for less than four people, so I cook for everyone. That is, when I’m not dog tired from working…
86. As we’re breaking out all the domestic secrets: I sew too.
87. A couple weeks ago, while visiting with my mom, I decided to bring my sewing machine out of storage and up to Lake Tahoe on my return trip. I wasn’t sure if it’d pass inspection (I flew) so I asked my parents to stick around in case it had to be taken out of my checked-in bags.
88. I was horrified. The TSA X-ray machine SHOT my bag out of the exit and it SLAMMED down HARD on the floor. The fellow looked up and smiled saying the bag had passed…but my machine?! It’s a Jenome Jem Gold quilter’s machine from 2001 (no, I don’t quilt, but it was small enough to fit on the boat). Up until last night it was sitting at the foot of my bed in it’s own soft carrying case, wrapped in my 5 mm wetsuit and inside a sturdy little canvas bag my mom donated. I didn’t didn’t didn’t want to look to see if it’d survived the trip.
89. I hate disappointments and so I put them off as long as possible, you see, maybe that’s why I never go to the dentist :).
90. I got my dad’s teeth, well, his families’ teeth really. Deep grooves and crooked teeth galore in my permanent set. So EVERY time I go to the dentist, no matter how much ACT, Listerine, brushing, flossing, I still get the same news,: another groove is ready for a filling.
91. I got to deal with the crooked teeth long ago: braces, retainers, the whole 9 yards. I’m supposed to still wear the retainer, or so I found out a few years ago…ummm, see, I had these fillings done and, um, yeah, it doesn’t fit anymore. I’d feel guilty, but I dunno, I don’t.
92. Ah guilt. I was raised Catholic. Mexican Catholic. Those of you in the know, yeah, pretty bad, huh? All that religion mixed with all that cultural baggage... Cuz, um, yeah, the culture and the religion well, they’re pretty much an all-in-one deal. It’s a lot like being Jewish that way.
93. I like to consider myself a recovering Mexican Catholic.
94. When I go to my dad’s hometown and a church outing is involved, I use the same line my dad use to, “Can’t, bad for my health.” My family laughs it off and lets me get away with it. Which is weird since, well, my dad actually goes to church now... and his family, yeah, they ask me what’s up with him.
95. Running on empty here….ah music…yes, I listen to a lot of it. But very little “modern” stuff. I’m still stuck on a 80s kick. I venture forth into the 90s and 00s rarely. I have taken a big liking to Arcade Fire and Coldplay.
96. Some day I will do the iTunes meme, but right now it’d be a bit skewed, as I’ve been doing nothing but uploading books on CD. I love listening to books on CD. Not just for knitting either, for sewing, cooking, vegging, it’s very therapeutic.
97. I mentioned it’s probably because I like being read to. I didn’t know this until recently as, well, I’ve never been read to. As a teacher I read to my students, but my teachers weren’t into that, neither were my parents. The first time I was actually read to was in college when professors would point out a passage of their liking.
98. While everyone scrambled to find and underline it, I noted the page and the first few and last few words the professor read, focusing on the reading. The lecture made much more sense to me that way.
99. I loved reading to middle schoolers. I’d “perform” while I read. With voices and everything. It was quite a kick for everyone for me to read Zeus and Prometheus. It prompted my more “rascally” students to mimic me, and that made the most boring of stories far more entertaining for everyone.
100. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve when I really believe in something/someone. So I get hurt easily, as well as angry, sad, excited, etc. You’d think that’d make me keep my mouth shut, HA!

There you go, the last batch for 100 things about me.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Noro Panta

What's that phrase from the A-Team?
"I love it when a plan comes together!"

Ladies, Gentlemen, may I present to you: Metal Mixing Bowl wearing my Noro Panta:
Lovely isn't she? And now a side view, if you will:
And because there are two sides:
Doesn't that little handle add a sassy "earring effect" that's just to die for, yes.
Of course the back, because here at Tactless Wonder, we show all:
Sensational, little metal bowl, we love your modeling prowess, Vogue will steal you away from me one day, I know. Give her a hand everyone, yes, beautiful.

Alrighty then, I actually have the tag so I can tell all:
Pattern: Panta from Crafster and other sites
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, Color No. 116, Lot No. D
Needles: US 5s

Followed the directions except, following Deceptively Packaged's advice (whether or not she realized she was giving it) I subtracted several inches to account for the "bath stretch." No, I have not bathed it. I'm basking in the fact that it's a wee bit tight and let me live in that glory for a few more days :).

I need to bother people about how best to seam the ends though. As you can see from the last pic, I kinda did it willy nilly. The color change is kinda cool. A little color for this recovering Goth girl. (Well, wanna be Goth girl...I always thought I was a weeeeeee bit too chubby to fit in with the "PIBs" (People In Black) of Santa Cruz). I just like food a bit much to starve myself.

I used all but a little ball of the yarn...so now that goes on to my "extras" pile...
Fun to knit. Warm to knit. So now I hope it's fun and warm to wear....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sometimes It's Best to Start ALL Over....

So I finished the Panta Today. I'll take a picture tomorrow as there's just not enough light for my daily-getting-worse camera.

After finishing I had such a feeling of euphoria that I was more than happy to work on my sock again. The "Classy Slip Up" in "Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fun & Stripes." But I had to stop. The Pattern is great, I was working steadily on the leg bit, getting closer and closer to the 7" goal. Then I stopped and really looked at it. It wasn't working. The stripes were melding into one another in a way I didn't like...it started to look as if I was adding different colored yarns on the wrong row, you know, so you can see the color change mixing with the one below it? It reminded me of the amateur way I used to crochet things when I was first learning. Right, no thank you.

I'll try again, later, with maybe the recommended Lorna's Laces yarn. I have odd skeins about, from the beanie days of not too long ago. I'll be like Dobby from Harry Potter and make "similar" socks, cuz, well, who wants two of the same thing anyway, right?

I'll frog the Lana up to the ribbing and then do plain stokinette stitch. All the better to see the stripes with, my dear. But not today. Today I'm starting a little cap for a little someone in Wisconsin. Big needles make for quick projects. Just what I need for a Sunday.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Speed Blogging

So here I am furiously seaming my little sock so I can finally say DONE and post about it...and I got to thinking...I am SOOOOOOOOOoooooo glad I am not doing that Olympic knitting thing that's going on. I'd drive myself batty! The rules say the object must be blocked and totally done. Does this include being dry? I mean really, how will anyone be able to tell?

Lalala...not gonna dwell. Instead, look at what I did!

Debbie Bliss Two-Needle Socks
Made from Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton in Grey (Or so I'm guessing cuz, yeah, tag? Gone.)
Size: 6 months

I followed the directions as written and TA DA! My first pair of socks. Some day I'll do the real DPNs/Circular needles way, but this was nice as it was EASY. SO easy that:

I made the 3 month size as well.
So Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton in um, purple...yeah, tags get eaten around here I think.

Both made using US 3 Bamboo needles.

Now I feel like I can go work on my itty bitty US1 socks for a little bit again.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Flash Your Toolkit!

As promised, I got this from Knits & Grits, this post.
Okay, got the little digi to work again, for now. I need a new camera. Letting it meet the hard LAX floor was not conducive to having this little guy last much longer, that's my ritual apology for my sucky picture:
Right, so instead of cleaning out what doesn't really belong/live in my "crayon" bag that I adopted from one of my students in years past, I decided on the "flash" a la "stash flashing."

So let's go in a zig-zag route from the "crayon bag" as it's the most obvious thing in the shot. That bag's where I keep all my "tools." First thing that has it's own Hello Kitty Keeper but I was using last night, is my iPod Mini. I'd create a link for you but 2 months after I bought the last one made with the sucky 4 hr battery...THEY DON'T SEEM TO MAKE THEM ANYMORE... That should sum up my life regarding technology and why I own a 6 yr old digital camera as well as a 7 yr old PowerBook...A-HEM,moving on...

Extra yarn that I use for oopsies or to cut the circulation off of my fingers when bored with my knitting. There's a little rolling stitch counter that I finally broke down and purchased. I haven't used this one so it's still on the cardboard. It's little brother LIVES with that scarf that I'll finish some day...

LABELLO, the absolutely most wonderful lip balm I have EVER used. I found it at a drug store in La Paz, Baja CA, while sailing down the coast and have never looked back. When my mom went to Mexico on family business last year I pleaded for a few of them because they were not on the web that I could find.--I literally just tried again and VIOLA! Will have to go there myself :). She brought me 4 lovely tubes of the stuff. I horde it, worse that chocolate!

Post It notes! The whole little cube thing was too big to schlep around so I took a few and mounted the bunch on the back of the business card of the LYS in Tahoe City I frequent. A Noro Tag, cuz um, I'm cheating on my scarf and sock and all else again...with a Panta. (Did you know there's a KAL going on? I'm not joining, but I thought I'd share.) Hmmm, my pen seems to be AWOL...must be in my jacket pocket...

My red measuring tape. I think I've had it since I was about 9 yrs old. A Susan Bates gauge thingy. I finally got one, but I've got what I used to use still in the bag, we'll get to it.... Green stitch holder, courtesy of my mom; it was hers. My little blue ruler. Also from a student. This was my gauge-thingy before.

Weeee little orange handled fiskars, also from my youth. I had to be about 7. They had to be mine, I mean, well, they were so small, perfect for me and my then crochet-kit! Back then there were no such things as "safety scissors" in my mom's house. DUH! YOU DON'T PLAY WITH THE SHARP THINGS! How hard is that to understand?

My US 1 DPNs that have been doubling as stitch holders for all the projects I was working on (scarf, baby socks, baby hat--frogged for now, etc.) More extra scrap yarn.

"Point savers" or whatever you call the rubber things you put on the end of your needles...I was saying needle rubbers for a while but you know, that led to needle condoms....whatever. Yes, still in the package as I've lost my BRIGHT ORANGE needle tip thingies to the ether! As these are a pale green...well, they're living in their bag unless in use!

A couple crochet hooks in sizes US 1 and US 3---I have to dig out my US 5 for the Panta...they save me big time, all the time. Stitch markers in their cute little baggie, and the last of the baby socks, being used as a Chibi needle holder. I'll finish it, promise. TA DA! That's what's in the Tactless Wonder Toolkit. Oh, and as a bonus, the "background" is my baby blanket. No, not something I knit, something I used. As a baby, I mean. Still alive and kicking, with the hand-stitched border as it was one of the first things to go. I carried that sucker around, daily, until I was about 3, or 4, maybe 5.

Wow, this toolkit explanation kinda lets you know more about the knitter eh? Well, that is, unless you simply list what you have with no explanations. I know I don't have a HUGE audience, but I'd love to have this get around. I'm about to comment back to Knits & Grits to let her know I did it. Give a shout out if you too feel like sharing, yeah?

Sock pics tomorrow or so as I have to finish that last one first :).

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday Mutterings....

So I was finally able to get a hold of Close Range: Wyoming Stories by Annie Proulx. (I love working in a library, has it's perks dontcha know?) She's the author who wrote the original short story, "Brokeback Mountain," and it's in this collection.

What a creative mind she has. I'm confessing, I've not read all the stories, many are written "in dialect" and I'm no good at it...ever try reading Trainspotting? Or any of Irvine Welsh's other novels/short stories? I had to get my Scottish friend to read a few paragraphs out loud to me to get me going. And not just out loud, mind, but putting on as much "Scottish" as possible so I could understand what a "bairn" was, or how "doesna matter" could work in the word pun Welsh was playing...tangent girl strikes again...

I don't have anyone from Wyoming handy at present, and I MUST return the book today as there are few copies and many requests for it, but I did read "The Half-Skinned Steer" and it was brilliant. "55 Miles to the Gas Pump" was fun, in a twisted kind of way. Then "Brokeback..." I'm really glad Larry McMurty (he wrote the screenplay) didn't veer far from the story. It's easy to, what with it being a short story and all. The important part, for me, is that it answered my question. 'member back, I saw the movie and was left with the confusion presented to me when the "quiet one" is talking in the telephone booth? (I don't want to ruin it for anyone so I don't mention character names and leave it nice and vague :).)

Well, in the story, what you may have missed cuz Movie screens aren't TiVo, you can reread and see that, yessir, Larry didn't get rid of certain important dialog. Not all movies have narrative monologues the way a story does, and it is rather hard to read an actor's facial expressions some times. I've been told it was left vague on purpose. A repeat of the vision would have cemented it in the hearts and minds of the viewers...but maybe a Hamlet-esque soliloquy would have worked...I dunno, anyone wanna share their thoughts?


So I took a couple days off the computer. My shoulders are killing me. Typing hurt, knitting hurt. I'm just not all right. I am better now, sleeping far longer hours than when visiting the family, but still sore. Might this be due to my own personal knitting marathon? It is rather hard to knit for small, growing, children. They have this tendency to, well, grow. So if you're making socks or something...well, hurry it up auntie, cuz my feets ain't gettin' any smaller...(Okay, maybe too much Annie Proulx for one morning...) Though these little sockies aren't for my niece and nephew, I've got a cousin whose wife is due in a couple weeks. She's got the newborn gifts from Baby...whatever, what store did I end up dumping all that money in??? I didn't know baby's were so "in." They have so many stores dedicated to them now, it's wow, it's kinda weird. These sockies will do well for when the baby is a wee bit bigger.

As I just learned how to make little people sockies, I thought I'd send her a pair maybe, and maybe a hat...but I wanted them done and ready before I made any final decisions. These are my FIRST sockies, and really people, some things should just be photographed, noted, then frogged saying, "well, that was a valiant attempt."

Of course, as perfect as you can make anything, I guess I'm also at the "will they be appreciated or just thrown away" point in my gift giving. It's been said hundreds of times, thousands, I'll bet, "Give handmade gifts only to those who know how to appreciate them." Generally that's other crafters, knitters, sew-ers, quilters, etc. I think I've already been introduced to the negative aspect of it...I mentioned it when I commented on someone else's' blog the other day. I was kinda hurt the night of my niece's birthday party. It got cold enough that beanies were brought out for the kids. Nowhere did I see the ones I made for my little ones. I said nothing. There are many reasons for them not being there. Unfortunately, in my head it triggered something, something very negative, something that kinda went, "never again."

I want to think I'm over-reacting. These kids have hundreds of clothes, so my handknit beanies were somewhere else...(my "negative Nancy" self adds, "yeah, at the bottom of the pile.") Maybe if I'd gotten pictures of the kids wearing their hats? Or my brother wearing his? Something that said, "look, see, we at least tried them on once!" I dunno, too sensitive. I'll just stop with that train of thought...but it is coloring what I'm doing. I'd love to give my cousin-in-law the socks and hat cuz well, that's what I do, I make things and then give them away. I should just get over it and not be hurt if people don't like what they get. After all, these people all live in LA. There are fashions to be followed. You can't just put anything on a baby now-a-days, what would babygap/r-us/etc. et. al. say about that! Okay, little bitter.

I'll try to manipulate a camera today and snap some pics...there's a great "meme-esque" kinda thing over at Knits & Grits, this entry, and those socks of questionable quality to commemorate.

Happy February 1st everyone!