Thursday, February 23, 2006


Today marks one year that I'm in Tahoe.
It's only relevant if you know why I'm in Tahoe...if I'm to use this blog as a form of therapy, I'll share. I came to Tahoe to get away from Hawai'i because I thought I'd go crazy there. I probably was going crazy there. Andy describes my last year's self as seeming to be "trying too hard." Sweetie, that's cuz I was barely holding it together.

In less than a month from now it will be my one year anniversary for the finalization of my divorce. Day by's all about taking it (and I'm going to be stuck with that song in my head all day, I know it), one day at a time....

In less than a week I'll be flying up to Seattle to look for a new place to live. Tahoe has been very good to me, it's let me hide in the warmth of a really neat cabin and really good friends. And a really awful townhouse, and really good friends :). It's let me wallow in my misery without telling me to "move on" or get over it before I had to. It's let me see that I can do something with myself and laugh and play again, really. Even on slave wages for the Placer county :).

Okay, speaking of "the man," I gotta go work!

Happy anniversary to me.


ellie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jenn said...

Happy Anniversary and good luck in the search for Seattle digs.

jillian said...

Happy 1 year in Tahoe! Good for you for moving on from Hawaii when you needed to, and doing it again in Seattle!