Monday, February 06, 2006

Noro Panta

What's that phrase from the A-Team?
"I love it when a plan comes together!"

Ladies, Gentlemen, may I present to you: Metal Mixing Bowl wearing my Noro Panta:
Lovely isn't she? And now a side view, if you will:
And because there are two sides:
Doesn't that little handle add a sassy "earring effect" that's just to die for, yes.
Of course the back, because here at Tactless Wonder, we show all:
Sensational, little metal bowl, we love your modeling prowess, Vogue will steal you away from me one day, I know. Give her a hand everyone, yes, beautiful.

Alrighty then, I actually have the tag so I can tell all:
Pattern: Panta from Crafster and other sites
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, Color No. 116, Lot No. D
Needles: US 5s

Followed the directions except, following Deceptively Packaged's advice (whether or not she realized she was giving it) I subtracted several inches to account for the "bath stretch." No, I have not bathed it. I'm basking in the fact that it's a wee bit tight and let me live in that glory for a few more days :).

I need to bother people about how best to seam the ends though. As you can see from the last pic, I kinda did it willy nilly. The color change is kinda cool. A little color for this recovering Goth girl. (Well, wanna be Goth girl...I always thought I was a weeeeeee bit too chubby to fit in with the "PIBs" (People In Black) of Santa Cruz). I just like food a bit much to starve myself.

I used all but a little ball of the now that goes on to my "extras" pile...
Fun to knit. Warm to knit. So now I hope it's fun and warm to wear....


ellie said...

Yay! Cute panta. I love mine and wear it all the time. I need to make more. I think I just used the matress stitch to finish mine.

keohinani said...

i have no use for one of these things, i hardly even like it, and yet...i really want to knit one. i might as well have "lemming" tattooed to my forehead....yeesh.
great job on the panta :)

jillian said...

I like how subtle your colors are!

Birdsong said...

Very cool for living in Tahoe.. will keep you both warm and stylish. When seaming, I have finally, after years, gotten the hang of Kitchener stitch, but would have to sit next to you to competently explain it; basically, you are matching stitch for stitch on either side, making things line up nice and neat. I will look for a web tutorial to email you.