Friday, February 17, 2006

A family thing...

So...the sun was out long enough for me to do some set up and picture taking. But even in the picture it's obvious:

I made it too big!!!!

I have two little heads I wanted to cover in "brother-esque" hats...instead of just doing what I did last time, cast on and gooooooo! I looked for a pattern of what I kinda wanted so I could follow...grumble...Why change what worked last time? Well, I didn't like that little bump/divit/thing that happens where you knit the "hem" of the hat. I saw one that followed what I had done and it had a brilliant way of dealing with it...only, um, well, you can still see it and now I have a "dad" hat instead of a "wee one" hat...back to the drawing board...I suppose I can make a Panta for mom and then all my bases will be covered...yeeesss, whadda ya know...

Okay, for you guys who like all the detail stuff:

BIG Green "Dad" hat
Yarn: Cascade 220 in 9413 & 9435
Needles: 7 & 8 Circs
Pattern: Kinda sorta but not really followed "Needle Felted Hat" in Knit Hats! Only I obviously changed it completely by striping it and ditching the i-cord loopy thing.

Sigh....cuz I did want to work on my sock some more...yes, singular. Or even, gasp, finish that scarf before I have to pack it up...(scarf update: we're beginning the 3rd ball, it's about 30", I will never finish at this rate...)

Oh well, it's bright white outside, 70% chance of snow today and 80% tomorrow...unless I'm, gasp, actually packing, I think there'll be a whole lotta knitting going on. I know, I know, my life, she is so very exciting.

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