Thursday, February 02, 2006

Flash Your Toolkit!

As promised, I got this from Knits & Grits, this post.
Okay, got the little digi to work again, for now. I need a new camera. Letting it meet the hard LAX floor was not conducive to having this little guy last much longer, that's my ritual apology for my sucky picture:
Right, so instead of cleaning out what doesn't really belong/live in my "crayon" bag that I adopted from one of my students in years past, I decided on the "flash" a la "stash flashing."

So let's go in a zig-zag route from the "crayon bag" as it's the most obvious thing in the shot. That bag's where I keep all my "tools." First thing that has it's own Hello Kitty Keeper but I was using last night, is my iPod Mini. I'd create a link for you but 2 months after I bought the last one made with the sucky 4 hr battery...THEY DON'T SEEM TO MAKE THEM ANYMORE... That should sum up my life regarding technology and why I own a 6 yr old digital camera as well as a 7 yr old PowerBook...A-HEM,moving on...

Extra yarn that I use for oopsies or to cut the circulation off of my fingers when bored with my knitting. There's a little rolling stitch counter that I finally broke down and purchased. I haven't used this one so it's still on the cardboard. It's little brother LIVES with that scarf that I'll finish some day...

LABELLO, the absolutely most wonderful lip balm I have EVER used. I found it at a drug store in La Paz, Baja CA, while sailing down the coast and have never looked back. When my mom went to Mexico on family business last year I pleaded for a few of them because they were not on the web that I could find.--I literally just tried again and VIOLA! Will have to go there myself :). She brought me 4 lovely tubes of the stuff. I horde it, worse that chocolate!

Post It notes! The whole little cube thing was too big to schlep around so I took a few and mounted the bunch on the back of the business card of the LYS in Tahoe City I frequent. A Noro Tag, cuz um, I'm cheating on my scarf and sock and all else again...with a Panta. (Did you know there's a KAL going on? I'm not joining, but I thought I'd share.) Hmmm, my pen seems to be AWOL...must be in my jacket pocket...

My red measuring tape. I think I've had it since I was about 9 yrs old. A Susan Bates gauge thingy. I finally got one, but I've got what I used to use still in the bag, we'll get to it.... Green stitch holder, courtesy of my mom; it was hers. My little blue ruler. Also from a student. This was my gauge-thingy before.

Weeee little orange handled fiskars, also from my youth. I had to be about 7. They had to be mine, I mean, well, they were so small, perfect for me and my then crochet-kit! Back then there were no such things as "safety scissors" in my mom's house. DUH! YOU DON'T PLAY WITH THE SHARP THINGS! How hard is that to understand?

My US 1 DPNs that have been doubling as stitch holders for all the projects I was working on (scarf, baby socks, baby hat--frogged for now, etc.) More extra scrap yarn.

"Point savers" or whatever you call the rubber things you put on the end of your needles...I was saying needle rubbers for a while but you know, that led to needle condoms....whatever. Yes, still in the package as I've lost my BRIGHT ORANGE needle tip thingies to the ether! As these are a pale green...well, they're living in their bag unless in use!

A couple crochet hooks in sizes US 1 and US 3---I have to dig out my US 5 for the Panta...they save me big time, all the time. Stitch markers in their cute little baggie, and the last of the baby socks, being used as a Chibi needle holder. I'll finish it, promise. TA DA! That's what's in the Tactless Wonder Toolkit. Oh, and as a bonus, the "background" is my baby blanket. No, not something I knit, something I used. As a baby, I mean. Still alive and kicking, with the hand-stitched border as it was one of the first things to go. I carried that sucker around, daily, until I was about 3, or 4, maybe 5.

Wow, this toolkit explanation kinda lets you know more about the knitter eh? Well, that is, unless you simply list what you have with no explanations. I know I don't have a HUGE audience, but I'd love to have this get around. I'm about to comment back to Knits & Grits to let her know I did it. Give a shout out if you too feel like sharing, yeah?

Sock pics tomorrow or so as I have to finish that last one first :).


ellie said...

I just put up mine!

Katie said...

So hi finally! I love your crayon bag. Very school-cool. Thanks for posting your tools!