Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Need More Sleep

I am assuming it is sleep deprivation that is making me grumpy.  No, not grumpy...on edge.  Yes.  Extra sensitive, even more yes.

I have too many work people on my Face-place feed to make this next statement:

If YOU did not put the kettle to boil someone else did.  That someone is PROBABLY the person gathering her things to make tea.  DO NOT plant yourself in front of the kettle thinking you can take the boiling water BEFORE the person who filled and set the kettle to boil.  DO.NOT.

I almost got Mr. Furious on her.  Seriously, it's stupid, and yet (not the best quality, but if you're angry enough you don't see straight anyway):

YEP, need more sleep....

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Guilt Post

It's been twice this month since, when commenting on someone else's blog post) I was asked to type in my blog address.  You know, this one, the one I last tried my hand at writing something, in May.  Granted it is still 2014.  And it was Summer (doesn't everyone take Summer off?) Yes, I'm making excuses.

But it was Summer.  And even the Seattle Times was calling it our "neverending" summer.  Because Monday?  Yes, TWO DAYS ago? I kid you not, it was 77 degrees.  Yes, October.  Yes, 77.  Not a type-o.  But then yesterday happened and I guess it's officially Fall now for the rest of the week.

I'd complain more but I haven't actually been leaving work during the hot and humid afternoons.  I've been staying far far FAR too late into the night as I've decided to do something super crazy pants...I've started taking an Accounting class.  Those of you know know me IRL are like, um, "Why? Isn't that what you like do already?"  And yes.  And the fact is (or so my transcripts tell me) I've never taken a business OR accounting class EVER and if I wanted to, oh I dunno, take the CPA exam - NOT THAT I AM, just, you know, in case, I have to have a million (maybe not /that/ many) accounting or business class credits in order to qualify for it.  It doesn't matter that I have multiple degrees, they don't care - okay, they want me to have a BA, but it doesn't matter in what, which is good.  What counts are the units.

I took one Economics class in College.  I'm still not sure if that counts.  If it does then I only need to take like 6 more classes and then the UW Accounting Certificate course...and then I'll be set.  At the rate I'm going it'll take me about... 6 years.  And I've committed to nothing except taking this one class.  I think my coworkers hoped it'd be a "gateway class" that will leave me wanting more.  As it is I am thisclose to signing up for next quarter because we are only using HALF the text book!  This means the other half will be used for the next class and damnit I didn't pay $303 to only use half a book! (Yep, $300 for a textbook, highway robbery.)  So instead I'll pay another $540 (OMG school is expensive) so that I can have been tortured for two whole quarters instead of one!  And by then I'll think, there is only one more course in the series...why not the third...

Okay, I guess I've committed myself to $2k worth of classes, damn you co-workers.

So yeah...this class is not my excuse for not visiting this site.  This is only week three.  But it already seems like I've always had to work until 10 PM.  It's been 17 years since I last took a class.  It's not quite like riding a bike.  Not when you're working 40+ hours a week.

And there's my alarm - yes, timed blogging.  But I think I got enough out for now.