Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Been Twenty Years, Candy...

Just something I can reference when I'm in the middle of it all next week:

Why I am Going to My 20th High School Reunion

  • Cuz I can. (i.e. I'm at a place in my life where even if I wasn't already in LA for another commitment, I could totally take a trip to LA JUST FOR THIS.  Even though I'm not, and am mostly doing it because I'm already in LA for another commitment.)
  • Curiosity.  Facebook is one way of keeping tabs on people...if they post.  But I've never outright tried to friend everyone I've ever known, nor would I want to.  And as I'm finding out with HS contacts...not everyone wants to be on the face-place.
  • The experience.  How many times can I say I've gone to a 20th HS reunion?  (This is especially so as I keep hanging out with HS drop-outs.  GED programs don't have reunions, do they?)
  • As the daughter of two of the maintenance staff, I pretty much grew up at the place.  After 27 years, my mom retired, my dad is getting there...once he's gone, that's it, no real reason to visit except for uber nostalgia...which I love to bask in every once in a while, I won't lie.  But those kind of trips generally involve donations that I might laugh at outright.  So this is it.
  • To visit with my former teachers - that is, if they're still there.  Do former teachers get invited to these shin-digs?  Now that would be cool.
  • To check out the Blue Room.  Which was always my favorite.
What I am not there to do

  • Show off.  Um, yeah, even if I were that kind of person, nothing to see here folks.
  • Worry about my wrinkles (on my face or my clothes).  I escaped from LA for a reason.
  • Finish unfinished business.  See above, 20 years.  Even I don't hold silly grudges that long.
  • Help in the kitchen, no matter what Sr. Colette might say to me.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tai Chi Latte Tired

Back when I worked at a bookstore, I got so good and figuring out what book or author someone was looking for that I could "name that tune" in three notes...My guess is that baristas are so used to dealing with sleepy/under-caffeinated folk that it becomes second nature to hear some garbled phrase and repeat back what they think you really meant.

Thank you barista for A) waiting for another time to giggle at my order, and B) using your barista-fu to get me a Chai Tea Latte, and C) giving me the realization that I now have a new phrase to describe just how tired I am.  I am counting it up there with "Michael-Douglas-Falling-Down-Mad."

Today's Tai-Chi-Tired day is brought to you by jumbled and awful dreams which included a WORKING A FULL DAY AT WORK dream that I think should count on my time card.  Really it should.

Remember back when I said I was ready for a change?  For something new?  I LIED. Really.  Make it all go's like that Chinese proverb (or is it? Chinese I mean?) Be careful what you wish for?  Or the Terry Pratchett (which might also be Asian but hi, TIRED), "May you live in interesting times" curse/wish?

I am still in my same daily drudgery, but on top of that, I have been given more duties, temporarily, of course, until we figure out how to handle the new tasks among the folk that are here.  Or, gasp, pleeeaaase...they actually let us hire a new person.  Toss in the yearly audit and I'm done.  No, scratch that, beyond done.  I am the charred up piece that falls through the grill to the side of the coals to become that desiccated piece of  wasted thing.

Sorry, apparently I become a little hyperbolic when there is not enough rest in my life.