Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How Do You Convince Your Inner School-Girl to Stop Competing for the "A"?

Right. First World Problem, I know.  Acknowledged.  Moving on?

So I'm taking my latest Accounting-centered class and it's super interesting (if not cool) all about Fraud. If I could turn back time I'd have become a CPA-wielding FBI Fraud agent person...this is how cool I think the class is.  (I know.)  So of course I'm trying to to my best!!!  Love getting those 10's on homework!!!

We just got our midterm grades...I got 100% on the test.  I'm still in shock.  It was a hard test.  There were extra questions that she said she would throw out/reevaluate so my guess is that they became extra credit or something and I got enough right.  But I also got 100% on the mid-term project.  A paper.  Being a former English Teacher I can't say it was hard or that I sacrificed so much time and energy on it because, well, it's a paper.  Former English Lit./History major, again, former English Teacher.  There is a reason I hold an MA...I won't say I thought that was a given...but I figured I'd do well on it.  I do not mean to sound cocky, promise...just is...I'll shut up about that now.

SO!  With these two grades in I've determined I can coast the rest of the class and just get a 50 on the final and not turn in the final project and I can still pass the class.  (Doesn't everyone keep a weighted grade worksheet to keep track of these things?)  Except I can't.  When I realized how low I could make my standards I laughed as I deleted my possible "C".  Why stop at average?!?!  I can get an A!  No!  I WILL get an A!!!  Because I am crazy.

I do not need an A.  It is not my Precious.  It is just a class.  One of many many many more I have to take if I'm going to sit my CPA exam far far faaaaar in the future.  And yet...this goal is attainable and so very close....

So help me interwebs...how do I stop this craziness?  Because next quarter I've signed up for TWO classes...see above crazy.  And two classes and full time work and MUST HAVE THE A's might break me...