Monday, March 30, 2009

These Are Not the Socks You're Looking For

I think I am worse than a grandmother.

Do grandmother's make people hold their child in such a manner to get "just the right shot" of be-stocking'd feet?

I made these socks for L&L's little girl about 4 times. See, she keeps growing. I finally gave up all hope of making a heel and created tube-socks for the ever growing legs. Yep, they are knee-highs right now, but give or take a week, she'll be using them as anklets.

For all your knitters:
US 2 needles, CO 32 stitches and 2 x 2 ribbing until I thought I'd go blind. Then I made an eye of partridge "back of the heel" but never turned the corner, just kept the ribbing going on the "front" of the sock so that it would maybe stay on the child's foot longer than 5 seconds...until again, I thought I might never finish, and then made a toe.

The yarn? The left overs of my Vesper Sock Yarn in Cantaloupe. Yey bright colors in far-too-grey Seattle!

I do love having a bit of color in my pocket during the dingiest time of the year here.

I use to joke about this and now I am so very much eating many bitters about has been "All Summer In A Day" around these parts for far too long. And when the sun is out and shiny and bright and tempting from the window??? It is still not anywhere near 50 degrees outside.

Andy and I (more Andy than mouth runneth off lately) were pondering how we would walk around in shirtsleeves in Tahoe when it was just touching 50 while here we are still dragging around scarves and pea coats while the hard core PNWers are busting out their shorts...

I think I've acclimated...It has not been 15-28 degrees all winter and now the temps are melting snow like it would a mile up by the lake. So now I am grumpy-mc-cold-pants and NEED to go to to Mexico or Hawai'i or anywhere where I can break a sweat AND catch a sunburn while wearing shorts and a t-shirt...and not my pea coat cuz someone's left the heater on too high as I'm running errands.

And now my break is over...I have to finish some toes tonight so I can maybe get my nerve up to trying a new-to-me heel.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

You're Not Missing Anything, Honest

My life has not become too sexy for this blog or anything.

More like the utter and complete opposite.

For those of you wondering about my non-knitting life, sorry, I got nothin'.  Everything is pretty much as it was last week...except maybe my butt hurts a little less and the sinus thing is now just an exploded eyeball thing (okay, maybe I should catch you all up...I can hear, I can breathe, but my god, my eyeball looks like that time my elementary school classmate got slammed into the coffee table by his older brother when they were "playing" wrestlemania and his eyeball was all bloodshot and awful and the skin so swollen it looked like he was growing a new head?  

So all I have is the bloodshot eyeball.  No swelling, no new head.  It doesn't hurt, itch or anything, but feels like my eyeball is dry...which to me says, "HELLO SPRING!"  Yep.  even in artic-ly cold Seattle, flowers are starting to bloom and spread their pollen-love to all...especially my eyeball.)

On the all-I-do-is-knit-front?  I am tirelessly working away at my Sock Madness Sock #1...but I am a slo-o-o-ow knitter at the best of times and so, to make sure I don't get distracted by some other shiny thing, I've kept my life super-simple in the get home, knit, make dinner, knit, eat, knit, clean up, knit until my eyes grow so heavy I must go to bed-style that leaves NO TIME for bloggie things.

I mean, I have cute baby feet pictures to share (good blogger), but yeah, still on the camera along with the pie pictures and everything else that seems so time-sensitive that I'd have to find a way to wander back in time to have it all make sense.

Odd how life keeps moving forward and you're stuck 3 or for days/weeks behind.  How do scrap-bookers do it?  (Sorry that kind of stuff just pops into my head at random...usually when I don't have enough sleep.)

And yeah, I have no chance of finishing my socks before the Sock Madness round is up or all the spaces filled, but as I've decided they'd be a perfect gift item, I have incentive to finish, at least.

Friday, March 20, 2009

In Pain, but Here...

Pain #1:
Wednesday's headache?  At this point I wish it was a hang over.  It's sinus theory is that the music and bar and live instruments combination was so loud that it dislodged everything and put extra pressure where it need not be.  I am insistent on this because I am still stuffy and head-achey in that "trying not to be another bloody sinus infection" way.

And yet, yes, still kinda sorta planning on getting down to the High Dive to listen to In the Drink in non-rehearsal setting.

You caught that kinda sorta bit eh?

Pain #2
So um, can someone just come on by with an ice pack/heat pad/vicodine/a saw?  Because the cure?  Oh dear me oh my it is so much worse than the disease just this second.

Yeah, I went to my "butt" doctor yesterday AM and what was supposed to be my last visit ever became my last visit related to my bike accident and my very first one related to strained back muscles due to possibly my 3, 4, too many to count and remember past bike accidents (remember when we were young and immortal?), that one really bad sailing accident, and possibly that other time when I was slammed into the wall not-so-much-accident that I don't talk about...

i.e. my body has finally been inflicted upon by that dreaded "last straw" and the onion metaphor was used on me and I used every bit of control in me not to say I liked parfaits better.

Yes, even when I'm twisted and contorted in pain (the main muscle worked on yesterday is the one just to the right and up of what most would know as the "pulled groin owie;" the one that wraps around and does major work for my spine...hence the right thigh/hip/groin area not so happy with me this morning...and if I cut it off would it hurt less?)

Pain #3
I bonked my head on my car super hard this morning while I was trying to figure out how to get into the driver's seat without hurting myself, too much.

Yes I wanted to cry.  But being a big girl now, I simply swore loud enough to convince the new folks just moving into the building that maybe I was the one tenant best avoided...I make such awesome first impressions, let me tell ya'.

However, the distraction given to me by my pounding head was just enough to get me into the car without thinking too much about how much my pelvic area is inflamed and HURTS when I lift my leg up enough to clear the door frame of my car.

I won't say he promised, but my doc did hint that maybe today would be the worst of the pain seeing as he had to work on the biggest of the muscles yesterday.  I hope he was not lying to me so I'd come back.  

I am counting the hours until I can take more that bad?

Happy Friday!  

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Hang-Over Day!!!

I'm starting to understand the popularity of Twitter.

No, I do not have a Twitter account.  I am just not that interesting.  And I rarely do things which are.

But how many people did I see at the Tin Hat busting out their
iphones blackberries mobile devices every ten to fifteen minutes to do some button punching and then have this look of...not so much...or maybe it was, satisfaction that they'd gotten something off their chests or something? And someone else, possibly at the other end of the room, scrolling laughing and then doing some more possibly virtual button punching?

I dunno, it was kinda weird and old fashioned to turn to my table mates and just, um talk, out loud...but that's just me.

Though, sitting here now thinking about everything that happened last night?  I think it might have been best for me to dish it out 140 characters at a time as the night progressed instead of sorting and resorting it in my head to figure out what of worth to note down on my own virtual pages.  Of course we'd all be la-a-aughing at how bad my grammar can get after a couple lemon drops...I am, after all a "cheap date" now-a-days and really, three drinks in three hours is still three drinks, I don't care what my weight is, my metabolism is slow and getting slower every day...but I think I had the best night's sleep than what I've had in a LONG time.  Sadly. 

La la la, moving on...

Sometimes it takes me running errands to realize the obvious.

My shoes, the ones I bought (along with too many "plastic" pants) what seems like eons ago when I first signed up to do temp. work?  The ones I still use almost EVERY SINGLE DAY to work? (I've ditched most of the plastic pants cuz um, hi, polyester is so not good for my well being.) They hurt my feet, which hurts my knees, which last I checked were connected to the thigh and HIP bones.

My first boss ever?  The podiatrist I used to reception for?  Would have slapped me upside the head with my tattered (I am not nice to my shoes) Jocelyn Danskos.  This was brought home rather glaringly when I took off my Dr. Martin's boots (oy!) last night and noticed that my feed DID NOT hurt.  (For those of you not in the Dr. M know?  Doc Martins are not not known for their comfort.  They have fabulous style, does that say enough?)

So I helped out the economy in what would be the fastest shoe purchase EVER (for me).  Seriously it took less than 5 minutes from the time I walked in here to the time I was walking out toward my car, new shoes in hand. I simply pointed and asked them to help me replace the old ones with an exact copy.  Why mess with what's worked so far?

Anyhow, I may not do ANYTHING for the ever-hated Valentines' day, but I raised a glass or three for the Irish, got to sit in on a little bit of practice time for a new-to-me band (there may be music, I have not sound here), In the Drink, and got to watch BAAAAAAD tv (there may have been a Leprechaun marathon at the Tin Hat....oh my was it took me back to all the B-movies my older brother and I used to rent).

But yeah, a fun time was had by all. 

And yes, BIG badda boom headache right now, why do you ask?

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Did Jinx Myself, Didn't I?

Except, happily, I also met my goal for the was a little one:

Spend as little time in front of my computer as possible.

I didn't even read the BBC or Seattle Times or anything (I get 99% of my news online). Just couldn't do really is cyclical, what with me having to squint at numbers on a screen and get things to balance and take stuff from one account and get it into another...urgh. All before the closing deadline...urgh. But now I'm back for a bit, until I get sick and tired of it all month.

So, hi, I'm catching up and reading the day's discoveries...and I'm told I started being "old" at 27 because some "scientists" have stated we reach our top mental capabilities at like 22 or some BS like that and we all decline whole-heartedly by 27. See, when you look back at your college senior thesis and think, "Man, I was smarter then!" Um, you were...according to these guys.

I don't buy it, myself. I think people have those "peaks" because, yeah, that might be the apex of your learning in life, I mean, you're about to graduate from school and your brains are stuffed! So unless you go on to learn more and more and more? Yeah, your brain will cope by letting slip the Pythagorean theorem or the ADP/RDP formula in lieu of your intense need to remember such things as, "Did I pack Billy a lunch today?" Which becomes way more important.

Or something.

Anyway...the pie/Pi activity was a hoot...and the pictures of my pathetic attempts are still on the nothing to show today.

I did finish the knitting part of some baby socks for L&L's T. Heel-less ones as she is growing like a weed and it's still kinda cold here. But I have to graft the toes...which is the hardest bit. I'm also at the toe of a sock for me...and finally got to the feet for some socks for Andy. Hmmm, kinda a whole lot of sock knitting...and there's to be more. I kinda signed up for the Sock Madness thing again. So I see all this other sock knitting as, um, training, yep, that's it.

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Not Trying to Overwhelm, Really...

So this would be the fourth day in a row that I am posting.

There, I just jinxed it and we'll get back into a "maybe once a week" pattern again in no time :).

My workplace is celebrating Pi day today instead of tomorrow. I've made two to share but have not taken any pictures yet as I finished at about 11PM last night and yeah, it was my birrday yesterday and that's my excuse.

No, I didn't take any birthday pictures either. But I ask that you use your imagination as I describe that I am sitting with red roses decorating either side of the monitor, birthday cards are propped just in front of me (I think I have finally converted MJ to the dark side, her cards are officially the kind of cheese I adore...), and there is leftover ice cream cake in the freezer.

For those that can't live without the gorey details: I had yummy scallops in curried cream sauce over fettuccine. (I made it, but that's what I wanted for my birthday dinner...I was not going to have Andy deal with the curried cream sauce, it is tricksy and from the 70s and has been adapted by me over the last 7 years...eep, so it breaks our "make the other person dinner as a birthday gift" tradition we somehow silently instilled when we first started sharing living space...but meh, he made a yummy salad!)

I have a couple things to do before I run off to work: take some pictures of my pies to share with you tomorrow...and maybe pick up some ice cream as we've all come to know just how much I disparage my pie making skills. A la mode might do wonders.

But I'll leave you with these:

I won the drawing over at the Sockamania monthly sock knit-along! Yey me! Yey pretty yarn! And a pen even. All of my needs met in one single swoop...(Have I told you all about my pen, um fetish?)

An unblocked, unwoven ended beanie. It's the latest thing I've finished knitting...and it's even blocked as we speak...somewhere. The ends still need weaving in but um, yeah, I don't know where it is at this moment.

I guess I have three things to do before I get to work...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moving Up a Demographic Unit

I had no idea this would freak me out so much. (What, me freak out! Ha ha ha, I know.)

So you know those silly usually marketing-related boxes asking for age ranges? 28-30, 5-7, etc. and so forth?

A few weeks ago, when I last ran into one, there was this explosive sigh of relief that came out of me (that I had no idea was there, would be there, would come from me) when I realized I was still in only the second age range! See, the box options were:
__ 18-24
__ 25-34
__ 35-44
etc and so forth.

What this was for, I can't even remember. (The mind is the first thing to go, after all :) This is why I keep blog, and a journal, and write letters, so that when I can't even remember my first name, I'll have a fabulous story of some woman's life to look back on...or something...where was I?)

Right, so back then, a few weeks ago? I was that middle demographic and was elated to still be there.

This morning? At midnight no less when Andy and Tim lifted their glasses to toast the end of Andy's birthday celebration and the beginning of mine? No more. The mantel has been passed. I'm now part of a different marketing research scheme. My google ads will no doubt start changing. Facebook will probably keep advertising that belly-fat thing they've been doing for forever, but what's next!?! Cialis ads? (Was it me or were there WAY more of those kind of commercials during last week's LOST episode--it's the only thing I watch "live" right now. Speaks VOLUMES about who ABC thinks is watching that show.)

I think my main problem here (besides the fact that maybe I am as kookie as my cousin V usually describes me as) is that I don't like 7 x 5. It's a numbers thing. I know, I'm a little odd, that's why you're here, either checking up on me or laughing at the silliness. No stalking though, that's just not the road we need to go down :).

Anyway, I did not get enough sleep last night to dwell on these things in such public forums as blog posts, so instead I'll switch gears and list things that make me happy right now on this, the dawn (well, almost afternoon) of the first day of my 35th year:

- My hair is so long now that if I wear it "down" it sweeps across my elbows as I walk. This is a silly thing but there is no end to the amusement it gives me. Almost as much as it did when it was so short that it used to tickle my neck. (I'm not sure which I like better...more on this later.)

- All of my work pants are too big. (I wish this was a general statement, but I tend to wash all of my pants (jeans included) in hot water and though I'm winning the race to stay smaller than my work pants, denim shrinks faster than I we're still fighting the good fight.)

ETA - And they PAY me to do math EVERY DAY baby brother was born in 1992, so I was a WHOLE YEAR wrong here...
- My little brother liked his birthday present (I got him the first three volumes of "season 8" of the Buffy saga.) So I'm still kinda cool in his eyes, for an old lady (he turned 1617 (SIXTEENSEVENTEEN!!) on Monday, I am SOOOOO old compared to that).

- My mom and I have good conversations on the phone, including last night as I was rushing around cooking Andy's birthday dinner (homemade chicken soup) and baking him oatmeal cookies and she laughed and laughed at my Spanglish and a couple swear words because really, I should not be cooking, baking, AND talking on the phone at the same time. There should be laws. But anyway, real conversations are so nice to have! (Instead of the one-sided lecture series circa 1993-1999 or so...)

- Trader Joes hand cream from the restroom at work makes me very happy. Even if it does smell like little old lady. I don't mind that smell so much as I did about 10 years ago when there was nothing and no-how that I'd use anything (Neutrogena "Fisherman's Friend" anyone) that would make my hands feel so wonderful but smell like I was, um, not 25...I am so not that person anymore.

- Early birthday wishes from all of you that thought I would be way too busy today and tonight to get your phone call or email. See, I'm going to try to dwell on the positive here and be all cheery that you cared enough to drop me a line, and not the negative that I'm actually working all day today and yeah, let the young people party like it's on sale for $19.99. Unless I get a nap? Or lots of sugar? I'll be in bed at my usual hour. Oh wait, I wasn't going to dwell on the negative. My bad.

Okay, back to the salt mines with me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Think It Just Wanted Some Attention

Seriously, I went to bed, dragging my leg behind me, almost.  So tender to the touch I could not even have my blankets on my hip, it was too much weight.

This morning?  I don't know if I'd call it centralized, but it really does only hurt in what I shall call the "main owie area" in that "I've walked too many miles" sore feeling instead of the constant pulled tendon/throbbing ache I'd been experiencing.

It's like it was waiting for me to finally give in, say uncle, acknowledge my defeat...

Weird, huh?  And just in case, I GIVE!  Really!

In a complete and transitionless tangent, his goal, like my little brother's on Monday actually, was to sleep his day away...what a simple birthday wish, but just in case:

Happy Birthday, Andy! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blame it on the Pa-a-in....Yeah, Yeah...

Are you old enough for me to have gotten some Milli Vanilli stuck in your head?

It's been there all day. So much so that even humming "The Girl from Iponema" did not help. I had to have a little wiki-session with regards to Rob and Fab, you know, if you can't beat it out of your head you may as well fill it chock full of useless trivia. It doesn't make it go away, but boy does it fulfill a deep set need to find closure of some kind.

Am I alone in this? Does anyone else get obsessive about a thought to the point that they must do the Google-fu to fulfill a need they never knew they had? I mean, how else would I have ever known that A-Ha is still touring and OMG they are still cute and/or kinda (scroll all the way down) HOT!!! (Forgive me, I'm about 26 hours from hitting the big 3-5, so I feel like I get to have these crazy moments.)

Where was I? So the pain...

So I am also here to acknowledge my intrinsic masochism...or maybe it's just a massive pain threshold that surprises most people who have seen me panic to the point of whimpering at needles, or full-on cry when bonk my head... but um... yeah, you know that feeling you get when you pull a hamstring? So I'm experiencing something similar, but the pain actually starts just at the bend in my right knee and extends all the way up to just below my rib cage. Nonstop. It's been days now. Ever since the weather started doing the pseudo snow thing. Constant. No rest except for the few hours of sleep I've gotten when I'm finally too exhausted and the naproxin has kinda taken hold.

Forget daylight savings messing with me...this tops it.

Yes, before you ask, it's the same leg as is attached to the hip of hips which has been being Osteopathisized all this time. Relapse in a super bad way? I dunno. I haven't spent much time thinking about it as I'm in the throes of trying to finish my work before we close the month. (And researching failed fake bands, obviously.) And lemme tell ya, it is hard to concentrate on anything when all I can think about is just how much I can stand living with this pain before I go all Lorena Bobbit on it. I'm seeing my Doctor next week...But if I don't sleep soon I think I will be ready to cut it off. I will cut me! And I'm not all that good around knives.

See, I can only sit here and type as I am practicing my own kind of chair yoga: sitting on my right foot as I extend my knee over the edge of the chair letting gravity and my "very strong" leg muscles purposely hyper-extend the tendons in my knee cap and stretch out the muscles and things (so technical) running along the inside of my leg because damn does it feel gooooood in a baaaaad way. And now I'm seeing just how close I can get to having my right toe touch my left I type. Let me distract myself some more...

So about my "very strong" legs...yes indeed, my Dr. has verified that I have FREAKISHLY big muscles in my legs for a girl my height/size. Just what every gal wants to hear, I know. One of the reasons I have the superpower of being able to "carry" so much weight and only look "chubby" or a "little overweight" instead of the full on OBESE those god-awful government charts would have us labeled at is that it really is big bones and even bigger muscles.

But I guess it's better to be told that yes, those are muscles and not, oh, I dunno, fat maybe, clinging to my thighs. This means that with the proper training I probably could walk all the way to LA and back, but ha ha ha on me, I will never ever EVER fit into that magical Devil-Wears-Prada-size-four pair of anything, never.


This is me being over this concept and instead moving on towards working on a new goal. How about regaining the ability to leg press 750 lbs the way I did that summer my older brother and I spent too much time alone in the weight room at my high school, before it was my high school?* I think I was 10...maybe 11.

Oh yeah, and do you at all wonder why I am so damaged? Cuz I don't. Not really.

*Please note I am dripping with sarcasm and am not that crazy. Just maybe in a little too much pain.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I've Been Waiting for Today...

How about some random:

* Never ever ever use cool water in your Neti/Netti/Nose Teapot EVER. It is painfully horrible! Be ye not lazy and wait for the tap water to warm up. Ask me how I know...

* I don't know if this is petty of me, but I find it heeelarious that the Prius owner and her mate who, it turns out, live on the same floor as I do and park down only a few spots from me in my parking garage, ALWAYS take the elevator instead of the stairs. (I take the stairs mostly because I find the elevator scary and slow and I'm usually in too much of a hurry and have too little patience to stand there waiting as it slo-owly make it's way up and stops to "DING" at every floor... (I'm on the third floor, of a four story building, you would think this would be fast...ha ha ha.)

* Speaking of Prius drivers...I have nothing against you, honest, it's just you kinda stick out in your "humanness" all the more when you are being, um human... So I bought in to the Girl Scout Cookie Scam because I am weak and I love Samoas and was curious about the Dulce de Leche (more about these in a later post) and seeing as I'd already decided the $10 bill was gone (the change would likely go into my vending-machine kitty), when the little girl with the lisp (oh yeah, more on her later) asked if I wanted to donate my change to the homeless or our troups...I did. The fellow next to me held out his hand for his change. As we walked over to our respective cars I saw he was a Prius owner and had to chuckle...I know every penny counts in this economy...but still, it was the dino-burning girl that gave up her change for a cause...and not the enviro-guy? (Hey, in this car-centric society you know you are what you drive, and all that BS.)

* The little girlscout with the lisp...or... If you want to sell Girl Scout Cookies make sure you have one of her at your table. Chica had manners to boot! There is nothing that will suck in the crowd like a sweet little girl whose face lights up as you exit the market and says, "Excuse me, would you like to help the Girl Scouts?" No really, she said "excuse me." She did not shove anything in my direction and she was so totally polite it was like a tractor beam had ensnared us all. If the need should arise I have already promised myself not to purchase anymore blood money cookies from anyone but her.

* I don't seem to care how famous and awesome and god-like Van Morrison is (thanks to NPR I know he is still alive and touring or something), I still make fun of his music. I think mostly because he looks like my dad and his song styles must have involved a whole lotta drugs and drink to have a grown man record something with "dow dow dow dow dow dow dow" in the lyrics. Please don't shoot me.

* My tax guy will know me by the sterility of my packet. Um, yes , I have a tax guy. I have paid him money to do my taxes for all but two of the last 10 years. (Stupid x husband who wanted a "local" guy who REAMED us that one year and wanted more the next!) Anywho, having the short-term memory of a gnat lately (it is amazing what pain does to your brain) I got all my stuff together for him, including my yearly letter asking how he was etc., so forth/niceties that make us human, and went to the post office to send it off to him. I was not prepared enough to have an envelope ready to go, that is what the PO supplies are there for, right? Back at home when I went to pull out my new book of stamps? Um, yeah, apparently I'd sent him everything but the letter that personalizes this whole experience.

And lastly:

* I was thisclose to getting rear-ended by my boss' boss' boss the other day. Seattle has these SUPERLONG city blocks with no crosswalks (shocking, I know) so back a million years ago a law was passed that pretty much said that if a person is in the act of crossing the street, you stop for them, whether or not they are in a crosswalk. This is not an abused priveledge by any means, but um, people tend to forget. Being a super-paranoid-gramma-driver? I always stop. Especially in front of hospitals, as we were. I did not know who was driving the car that appeared so suddenly and so hugely in my rear-view mirror until he scooted around me farther down the road to make a right turn. Yep, I ALMOST flipped him off, but for some reason (the gods?) I didn't.

And that brings you up to date. (And the spell-check is broken, so forgive my errors.)