Thursday, March 26, 2009

You're Not Missing Anything, Honest

My life has not become too sexy for this blog or anything.

More like the utter and complete opposite.

For those of you wondering about my non-knitting life, sorry, I got nothin'.  Everything is pretty much as it was last week...except maybe my butt hurts a little less and the sinus thing is now just an exploded eyeball thing (okay, maybe I should catch you all up...I can hear, I can breathe, but my god, my eyeball looks like that time my elementary school classmate got slammed into the coffee table by his older brother when they were "playing" wrestlemania and his eyeball was all bloodshot and awful and the skin so swollen it looked like he was growing a new head?  

So all I have is the bloodshot eyeball.  No swelling, no new head.  It doesn't hurt, itch or anything, but feels like my eyeball is dry...which to me says, "HELLO SPRING!"  Yep.  even in artic-ly cold Seattle, flowers are starting to bloom and spread their pollen-love to all...especially my eyeball.)

On the all-I-do-is-knit-front?  I am tirelessly working away at my Sock Madness Sock #1...but I am a slo-o-o-ow knitter at the best of times and so, to make sure I don't get distracted by some other shiny thing, I've kept my life super-simple in the get home, knit, make dinner, knit, eat, knit, clean up, knit until my eyes grow so heavy I must go to bed-style that leaves NO TIME for bloggie things.

I mean, I have cute baby feet pictures to share (good blogger), but yeah, still on the camera along with the pie pictures and everything else that seems so time-sensitive that I'd have to find a way to wander back in time to have it all make sense.

Odd how life keeps moving forward and you're stuck 3 or for days/weeks behind.  How do scrap-bookers do it?  (Sorry that kind of stuff just pops into my head at random...usually when I don't have enough sleep.)

And yeah, I have no chance of finishing my socks before the Sock Madness round is up or all the spaces filled, but as I've decided they'd be a perfect gift item, I have incentive to finish, at least.

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Beth said...

Can't wait to see your socks! I need to get back to knitting my pair. It's been a while since I picked them up...