Monday, March 30, 2009

These Are Not the Socks You're Looking For

I think I am worse than a grandmother.

Do grandmother's make people hold their child in such a manner to get "just the right shot" of be-stocking'd feet?

I made these socks for L&L's little girl about 4 times. See, she keeps growing. I finally gave up all hope of making a heel and created tube-socks for the ever growing legs. Yep, they are knee-highs right now, but give or take a week, she'll be using them as anklets.

For all your knitters:
US 2 needles, CO 32 stitches and 2 x 2 ribbing until I thought I'd go blind. Then I made an eye of partridge "back of the heel" but never turned the corner, just kept the ribbing going on the "front" of the sock so that it would maybe stay on the child's foot longer than 5 seconds...until again, I thought I might never finish, and then made a toe.

The yarn? The left overs of my Vesper Sock Yarn in Cantaloupe. Yey bright colors in far-too-grey Seattle!

I do love having a bit of color in my pocket during the dingiest time of the year here.

I use to joke about this and now I am so very much eating many bitters about has been "All Summer In A Day" around these parts for far too long. And when the sun is out and shiny and bright and tempting from the window??? It is still not anywhere near 50 degrees outside.

Andy and I (more Andy than mouth runneth off lately) were pondering how we would walk around in shirtsleeves in Tahoe when it was just touching 50 while here we are still dragging around scarves and pea coats while the hard core PNWers are busting out their shorts...

I think I've acclimated...It has not been 15-28 degrees all winter and now the temps are melting snow like it would a mile up by the lake. So now I am grumpy-mc-cold-pants and NEED to go to to Mexico or Hawai'i or anywhere where I can break a sweat AND catch a sunburn while wearing shorts and a t-shirt...and not my pea coat cuz someone's left the heater on too high as I'm running errands.

And now my break is over...I have to finish some toes tonight so I can maybe get my nerve up to trying a new-to-me heel.


Bezzie said...

Tube socks!!! Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that? Chunky's next pair will definitely be tube socks!

erin said...

Aw, look at the pudgy little baby legs! Great socks, love the yellow... so cheery for this dreadful time of year.

This is always the longest stetch, no? January through June (wait, that's half the year!) when it just won't warm up. Are we there yet?

Beth said...

Cute socks!