Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Thing About Fish Oil...

So I officially have the lowest blood pressure I've had in years for the last few months.

And maybe I'll find out via the web or maybe you all know? Am I just a shade darker than glow-in-the-dark pasty white because of the fish oil pills or the 1000 mgs of vitamin D? Regardless? I don't mind it at all. Anything to make the day-glow veins look less, well, day-glow, you know?

But the one daily fish oil gel-cappy thing I take? Which, when I read the suggested dosage is only 1/6th the norm? Screws with my head like there was no tomorrow.

Every day, once a day I get this taste in my mouth that tells my brain, "Oh, you had Salmon today already, so no fish for dinner."

And then I do a double take and sometimes actually have to stop whatever I am doing and tell my brain no, no, no, you did not have sashimi for breakfast, that's just the cheapie fish oil pill letting you know it's all swooshy in your tummy, yum! And the next thought promptly becomes, "Am I going to be like when I'm a ditsy little old lady? Stopping myself and pretty much talking (sometimes out loud) to myself to explain things to me?"

At least I'm not doing it in the third person, yet.

O-okay, back to the knitting...cuz I made it through round one (yey me!) and round two started today and I'm still working on the cuffs while everyone else seems to be nearing the heels.


Beth said...

I've never participated in Sock Madness and I don't know how it works. How many pairs of socks do participants knit?

Tana said...

I HATE fish oil for that very reason - the regurgitation. GROSS. I'm taking a pill called MegaRed which is Omega-3 Krill oil. 3x better than fish oil, so says the packaging, only once a day and tiny. So far, no fish burps. Also, do you feel a difference taking the Vit D? I'm intuitively thinking that I should be taking it myself. Is it because we don't get any sunshine where we live?

Thank you Dr. Tactless.

Bezzie said...

Just be careful storing fish oil capsules in hot steamy bathrooms. Ewwwww!