Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is Writer's Block a Little Like White Coat Syndrome?

I have White Coat Syndrome.

You know, that thing about high blood pressure at the doctor's office but nowhere else?  Yep, that's me.

But the last time, when my doctor asked me if I did?  Explaining what it was and then taking my pressure?  Dropped ten points, just like that.  No really!  As she said, just admitting it to the nurse and/or especially yourself does wonders for your nerves and pressure and BAM!  Well more like, Aaaahhhh, normal numbers.

So after telling you all and my various emailers how bad I am at writing right now because I just can't?  All of my Jack-Handiesque thoughts and nonsense has made their way to the world via blog comments and random one-liner emails and chats and scribbles at stoplights.  (Yes, red-light-writer, bad, very bad...but does it help that I only do it when I know it's a super-long light?  It doesn't, I know...for shame...)

But where was I?  

Right, the nagging thought for the day:

So Seattle is one of those hip-cities that are all about the recycling and stuff, right?  Making it super-easy every year to recycle more and more and mix it all up and feel good about the environment and all that noise.

Well, earlier this month they added more stuff to the list of what can go into recycling.  I'm all down with that.  We can even mix glass with everything else!  Aren't we cool?  

Why is it then that they replaced a big ole' trash-sized recycling dumpster for non-glass items with two "house" sized recycling bins for ALL recyclables?  Sigh... 

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erin said...

Am confused, you mean they got rid of the dumpsters for recycling and gave you guys the bins that houses use? That is CRAZY TALK. I mean, I live in a little townhouse unit (only 4 townhouses) and we each get our own recycle bin... how do they expect people in apt and condo buildings to make do with only two of those? (Though, frankly, it takes me FOREVER to fill the thing up. I'm a closet-box-breaker-downer. All those years working in retail did that to me.)