Thursday, April 16, 2009

Have I mentioned my OCD Tendencies?

I did not drive back to work last night to look for errant knitting bags.

You have NO IDEA how difficult this was.  It took so much self-control I think I may have blown a fuse.  I know I gave myself a tummy ache.

- LOST would be on before I returned.  Yes, I am addicted, la la la, not listening.
- Did I mention I had no idea where I might have left it?  Yes, I know I've walked almost all the way back to Tim's condo when a mere feet from my own front door in search of a lost item, but this time?  This time involved stops along the way to places long closed (library) and if I didn't immediately find it on my chair at work?  That would only add to my trauma.
- I think subconsciously my arm needed a break.  I have this badly damaged tendon issue that was never resolved and knitting every spare moment of the day after you've been typing and data-entering and pretty much just over-using damaged parts is just plain not smart.
- We're working on smarter, not harder this year.
- I am not OCD!  Shut. Up.

So this morning:
- I collected my knitting bag from the "found" box behind the front desk.  The note said it was found in the back stairwell (I'da never seen it) and signed by the security guard.

What's really silly here?  The knitting contest?  Not much of a big thing to me at this point.  I know I am too slow to win in the more advanced rounds.  The knitting?  I have the pattern at home, there is always more yarn to be purchased, and what a great excuse for new needles!

No, the thing that made my tummy turn inside out was the little bag I've been using to cart my sock knitting projects about.  It was a going-away gift from the last class I may ever teach.  And losing it?  I don't wanna say I'm a big baby or anything...but um, yeah, I think I might have cried a wee bit at seeing it all in one piece...and the word "inconsolable" might have drifted into my thoughts last night if I would never see it again.  I am so not good at losing things.

Which is probably why Andy's advice to me today after I mentioned I'd found my bag was that maybe I should to try to stop being such a space cadet.  Isn't he a sweetie?  Don't you want one of your very own?  This is the kind of thing best friends are for though.

I promise I will be better of keeping track of all my junk.  Less rushing and more planning ahead.

Oh, and planning ahead?  
I'm trekking down to LA la land May 15th - the 24th, leaving at waaaay too early on the 25th, just FYI and all that :).  

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