Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Convincing Myself to Wait Until Morning...and Failing

I can't find my knitting bag.

You know, the one that contains my Tokena-in-progress? Which, according to the Ravelry forums I may be the last one they are waiting for to finish. Yeah, that one.

See, I took it to work today because I had a whole real 15 minute afternoon break where I literally put on a timer and just sat and knit while listening to some Nine Inch Nails on super high. I should hang a sign on the back of my chair that says "ON BREAK" or maybe set my screen saver to say "NOT LISTENING" or something similar because I know people walked up behind me and started to ask questions which my supervisor-guy deflected for me.

In a very literal sense (due to seating configuration) he watches my back during these times of "DO NOT BOTHER ME."

I have my ipod. I do not have my little bag.


I would so drive to work tonight right this second to get it, but what if it's not there? What if I left it somewhere in between?

See, I rushed out the door. I had errands and stuffed things willy-nilly and no, I did not shut my bag, why would I go and do something like that?

Urgh. My head is starting to hurt.


Bezzie said...

Oh gah--I hope you find it!

Rick Andreoli said...

First off, love that you used "willy-nilly" in a sentence (so few people do).

Second, I hope you find it! Yikes!