Sunday, April 12, 2009

Everyone's Private Rainbow

I wish you could see my violets. They are so purple! Deep, rich, mysteriously purple. But all I can give you, even after fiddling with Photoshop, is this:


I am far too lazy to look, but I'm almost sure I've mentioned Dr. T., my high school Chem and Physics teacher who taught me more than he may have realized.

He was "shoelace smart," as my friend Pam would say, when it came to Math and complicated thinking. So smart, so very very very smart that the little things like tying your shoelace are so irrelevant a thought that they never stick?

Yeah, he'd start an equation on the board and two lines later it was solved, because he did all the "inconsequential" and "fiddly" bits IN HIS HEAD. We would have been doomed had it not been for Ms. B., Math teacher extraordinaire who would walk us through the page-long explanations to get the magical outcome that Dr. T. insisted was EASY.

I am tangent queen this morning...where was I?

Rainbows. Or at least color spectrum. Dr. T. said everyone always only ever saw their own private rainbow due to combination of water droplets, light, angles and the way our human eyes captured it all and processed it in our brains. He mentioned in passing that possibly purple and red, at either end of the spectrum, were probably the most individualized.

Ah, purples. I've been told that red is the hardest to photograph, is that why? Because we're all seeing our own version of red? And purple aside from being mostly red+blue? And as mentioned, at the end of the spectrum? It has not been the easiest for me to duplicate.

I've tried for days now to get a good picture of my Tokena socks-in-progress as well, and obviously each day the progress is a little more...but the picture? Still not doing them justice. So I fiddled with the Photoshop again:

Tokena Progress Shot2

I'm told I'm still in the running...but unless I get WAY PAST the heel and/or a good deal into the foot area before I go to bed tonight...I may not make it.

On this quiet and reflective Easter Sunday though? Who knows.

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Ronni said...

Keep on knitting! You can still make it!