Monday, August 17, 2015

At Least It Wasn't A Tether Ball Pole...

I'm calling it a win-win situation here.  I have a short-term built in excuse for being even more clumsy than usual.  Head injuries will do that.

And my boyfriend has officially learned that BAD THINGS HAPPEN when I get rushed.

Also?  Lesson learned.  Push your car door open PAST the resistance/bounce-back point.

So I have a new car.  (YEY! New car!) And I'm the first to admit that I'm still learning all the random details associated with it - I think I may have finally figured out how to make a radio really, it's harder than you'd think - you have the 8 buttons on the radio, but buahaha, magically you can have 40 presets if you enter the right combination of A, B, Left Arrow, Select, Right Arrow, Start - sorry, I was getting the it mixed up with the Konami codes of yore.  Seriously I feel old and out of touch with some of these things.  My car has NO DIPSTICK!  I have to push buttons (again, in the right order) to get Skynet to tell me if I'm burning up my engine!

Where was I?  Right.  Head injury.

No, it is not because the car is so small I bumped myself getting in or out of it.  That would be funny in it's own right, but my 5' 3-ish" stature is EXACTLY the right size for this car.  Short people rule!

I hit my forehead...or rather, my forehead was hit by the driver's side door/window bouncing/swinging right into it (see above point of resistance).  Looking at this more positively, had I been taller I guess I might have broken my nose.  I was rushing (see above, don't make me rush) to move my car when I "jumped" in (as fast as my sad sore broken body does said "jumping" - obviously NOT fast enough) to move my car out of the way so we could go get some dinner.

The pain was at a level where you don't even yell.  You go all quiet because OMG what just happened.  And you're sitting there holding on to your head absolutely sure you've just lost brain matter...but you haven't, because it was just the window.  The not-very thick, in fact very straight-lined and narrow window that has blessed you with it's marking.  Why yes, I am indeed walking around with a red line across one side of my forehead going up into my hairline.  I know, work the sexy.

And again, at least it wasn't a tether ball pole that a random classmate had taken a running jump at to "swing off" of (because who puts tether balls on those poles anyway?  Why would anyone actually PLAY with playground equipment...  At least I wasn't in elementary school (6th grade? 7th? hard to recall - possibly because of the injury).  At least I wasn't KNOCKED TO THE GROUND, hard. At least this time my awesome flowered panties weren't exposed to the playground...and finally, at least it hasn't left me with a golf-ball sized bump that didn't go away overnight.  Ah memories...And you wonder why I hated recess.

A coworker had a birthday celebration today.  I think I deserve an extra slice of cake after all this awesome reminiscing.  And some Advil.