Thursday, August 01, 2013

What I Did This Summer...

It's August 1st.  I know, I know, the inevitable, "how did that happen"wants to be keyed in immediately as  my fingers fly across the keyboard.

And fly they must.  I drop in to make sure my BFF from elementary school knows I'm still alive (waving frantically) but time?  I no have.

My work life is "full."  I am being challenged daily.  I love it.  I'm less and less afraid they will realize they've hired the wrong person...but still.  FULL.  And my brain feels a little melty at the end of the day, often.  Still.

My non-work life has been awesome.

  • I've seen Dylan Moran, live!  
  • As well as Bill Maher!  (And didn't freak out TOO badly with 2900 people surrounding me...too badly.)
  • And been to a couple fancy car places to drool over fancy cars in search of something a friend is/was/has now purchased.
  • I got to sit in a Ferrari 328's driver's seat.  This may be the only time I'll do this.  Even off, with keys no where near the ignition, it felt FAST.  Maybe because the engine was still warm?
  • I've had more than my share of fancy burgers and yummy fries (or so my jeans are telling me).  
  • As well as Fish 'n Chips in West Seattle...having traveled there in a sweet classic car ('65 Mustang that I'll miss dearly - not mine.)
  • And I don't want to toot my own horn, but I will....I think I've figured out, based 99% on the link, a very good chocolate ice cream recipe.  It has a lot to do with the actual chocolate, just FYI.  Think Scharfenberger.
  • I've knit some hats (no, no pictures) have ALMOST finished the cowl I need for winter (again, picture? HA!)
  • Have been to Bainbridge for a mimosa-brunch and YARN SHOPPING...cuz I am hep like that.  Any outing that involves a ferry ride is cool.
  • I bought a couch!!!  My first real piece of real furniture from a store (and not my landlady) since moving to Seattle!  Okay...this one doesn't feel real yet, mostly because it still has a month or more to go before it is in my living room.  But the order is there.  Cardinal Red.  Cuz, um, yeah.

I can't recall at this moment if there is more...these are the things that popped out in my 10 minute limit.  Yes, timing myself again.  Before the summer is out I'd like to explore a little more.  We'll see.  The trick here is NOT to get hurt.  And that is hard for me, as well all know.