Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 Was Supposed to Be Better

The funeral for my mother's sister, my tia, the woman who taught me to knit and sew and bake was on the 30th of December.  So let's just say the end of 2015 was not the best it could have been.  I started 2016 a bit weepy and mournful, and yet really really wanting to believe my cousin's IM that 2016 would be better.

Then school started and I did the crazy and enrolled in two classes and it's two classes too many...

Then David Bowie waited long enough to be as old as my aunt before he passed away....

And now Alan Rickman joins the gang.

Is 69 the new hip age to go?  Just a dark and awful coincidence I guess.  My aunt would have been 70 this month, and she did NOT die of cancer (, no suspects), so really just coincidences.

So 2016 is not being better.  I just want to put that out into the universe so that it knows my discontent.  Cuz really, I don't need unicorns and kittens, but maybe just no more death for a while? Please?