Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Hang-Over Day!!!

I'm starting to understand the popularity of Twitter.

No, I do not have a Twitter account.  I am just not that interesting.  And I rarely do things which are.

But how many people did I see at the Tin Hat busting out their
iphones blackberries mobile devices every ten to fifteen minutes to do some button punching and then have this look of...not so much...or maybe it was, satisfaction that they'd gotten something off their chests or something? And someone else, possibly at the other end of the room, scrolling laughing and then doing some more possibly virtual button punching?

I dunno, it was kinda weird and old fashioned to turn to my table mates and just, um talk, out loud...but that's just me.

Though, sitting here now thinking about everything that happened last night?  I think it might have been best for me to dish it out 140 characters at a time as the night progressed instead of sorting and resorting it in my head to figure out what of worth to note down on my own virtual pages.  Of course we'd all be la-a-aughing at how bad my grammar can get after a couple lemon drops...I am, after all a "cheap date" now-a-days and really, three drinks in three hours is still three drinks, I don't care what my weight is, my metabolism is slow and getting slower every day...but I think I had the best night's sleep than what I've had in a LONG time.  Sadly. 

La la la, moving on...

Sometimes it takes me running errands to realize the obvious.

My shoes, the ones I bought (along with too many "plastic" pants) what seems like eons ago when I first signed up to do temp. work?  The ones I still use almost EVERY SINGLE DAY to work? (I've ditched most of the plastic pants cuz um, hi, polyester is so not good for my well being.) They hurt my feet, which hurts my knees, which last I checked were connected to the thigh and HIP bones.

My first boss ever?  The podiatrist I used to reception for?  Would have slapped me upside the head with my tattered (I am not nice to my shoes) Jocelyn Danskos.  This was brought home rather glaringly when I took off my Dr. Martin's boots (oy!) last night and noticed that my feed DID NOT hurt.  (For those of you not in the Dr. M know?  Doc Martins are not not known for their comfort.  They have fabulous style, does that say enough?)

So I helped out the economy in what would be the fastest shoe purchase EVER (for me).  Seriously it took less than 5 minutes from the time I walked in here to the time I was walking out toward my car, new shoes in hand. I simply pointed and asked them to help me replace the old ones with an exact copy.  Why mess with what's worked so far?

Anyhow, I may not do ANYTHING for the ever-hated Valentines' day, but I raised a glass or three for the Irish, got to sit in on a little bit of practice time for a new-to-me band (there may be music, I have not sound here), In the Drink, and got to watch BAAAAAAD tv (there may have been a Leprechaun marathon at the Tin Hat....oh my was it took me back to all the B-movies my older brother and I used to rent).

But yeah, a fun time was had by all. 

And yes, BIG badda boom headache right now, why do you ask?

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Beth said...

I've been mulling over a possible blog post about my recent shoe purchases, too. My podiatrist recommended shoes with arch support like Clarks (don't fit me well), Merrell (love my new ones), and Born (love these new ones even better than the Merrells). I wish good shoes weren't so expensive, but I'm glad they look better than when I wore orthopedic shoes as a kid.