Friday, March 20, 2009

In Pain, but Here...

Pain #1:
Wednesday's headache?  At this point I wish it was a hang over.  It's sinus theory is that the music and bar and live instruments combination was so loud that it dislodged everything and put extra pressure where it need not be.  I am insistent on this because I am still stuffy and head-achey in that "trying not to be another bloody sinus infection" way.

And yet, yes, still kinda sorta planning on getting down to the High Dive to listen to In the Drink in non-rehearsal setting.

You caught that kinda sorta bit eh?

Pain #2
So um, can someone just come on by with an ice pack/heat pad/vicodine/a saw?  Because the cure?  Oh dear me oh my it is so much worse than the disease just this second.

Yeah, I went to my "butt" doctor yesterday AM and what was supposed to be my last visit ever became my last visit related to my bike accident and my very first one related to strained back muscles due to possibly my 3, 4, too many to count and remember past bike accidents (remember when we were young and immortal?), that one really bad sailing accident, and possibly that other time when I was slammed into the wall not-so-much-accident that I don't talk about...

i.e. my body has finally been inflicted upon by that dreaded "last straw" and the onion metaphor was used on me and I used every bit of control in me not to say I liked parfaits better.

Yes, even when I'm twisted and contorted in pain (the main muscle worked on yesterday is the one just to the right and up of what most would know as the "pulled groin owie;" the one that wraps around and does major work for my spine...hence the right thigh/hip/groin area not so happy with me this morning...and if I cut it off would it hurt less?)

Pain #3
I bonked my head on my car super hard this morning while I was trying to figure out how to get into the driver's seat without hurting myself, too much.

Yes I wanted to cry.  But being a big girl now, I simply swore loud enough to convince the new folks just moving into the building that maybe I was the one tenant best avoided...I make such awesome first impressions, let me tell ya'.

However, the distraction given to me by my pounding head was just enough to get me into the car without thinking too much about how much my pelvic area is inflamed and HURTS when I lift my leg up enough to clear the door frame of my car.

I won't say he promised, but my doc did hint that maybe today would be the worst of the pain seeing as he had to work on the biggest of the muscles yesterday.  I hope he was not lying to me so I'd come back.  

I am counting the hours until I can take more that bad?

Happy Friday!  

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erin said...

I have to wonder if there is some sort of virus going around... I was headachey all weekend in a weird, sinus sort of way. I still don't feel great this morning!

But, I hope your weekend was restful and that you are feeling better, butt muscle and all.