Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Not Trying to Overwhelm, Really...

So this would be the fourth day in a row that I am posting.

There, I just jinxed it and we'll get back into a "maybe once a week" pattern again in no time :).

My workplace is celebrating Pi day today instead of tomorrow. I've made two to share but have not taken any pictures yet as I finished at about 11PM last night and yeah, it was my birrday yesterday and that's my excuse.

No, I didn't take any birthday pictures either. But I ask that you use your imagination as I describe that I am sitting with red roses decorating either side of the monitor, birthday cards are propped just in front of me (I think I have finally converted MJ to the dark side, her cards are officially the kind of cheese I adore...), and there is leftover ice cream cake in the freezer.

For those that can't live without the gorey details: I had yummy scallops in curried cream sauce over fettuccine. (I made it, but that's what I wanted for my birthday dinner...I was not going to have Andy deal with the curried cream sauce, it is tricksy and from the 70s and has been adapted by me over the last 7 years...eep, so it breaks our "make the other person dinner as a birthday gift" tradition we somehow silently instilled when we first started sharing living space...but meh, he made a yummy salad!)

I have a couple things to do before I run off to work: take some pictures of my pies to share with you tomorrow...and maybe pick up some ice cream as we've all come to know just how much I disparage my pie making skills. A la mode might do wonders.

But I'll leave you with these:

I won the drawing over at the Sockamania monthly sock knit-along! Yey me! Yey pretty yarn! And a pen even. All of my needs met in one single swoop...(Have I told you all about my pen, um fetish?)

An unblocked, unwoven ended beanie. It's the latest thing I've finished knitting...and it's even blocked as we speak...somewhere. The ends still need weaving in but um, yeah, I don't know where it is at this moment.

I guess I have three things to do before I get to work...

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Beth said...

It sounds like you had a nice day! Your dinner sounds wonderful, even if you did make it yourself. :)