Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I've Been Waiting for Today...

How about some random:

* Never ever ever use cool water in your Neti/Netti/Nose Teapot EVER. It is painfully horrible! Be ye not lazy and wait for the tap water to warm up. Ask me how I know...

* I don't know if this is petty of me, but I find it heeelarious that the Prius owner and her mate who, it turns out, live on the same floor as I do and park down only a few spots from me in my parking garage, ALWAYS take the elevator instead of the stairs. (I take the stairs mostly because I find the elevator scary and slow and I'm usually in too much of a hurry and have too little patience to stand there waiting as it slo-owly make it's way up and stops to "DING" at every floor... (I'm on the third floor, of a four story building, you would think this would be fast...ha ha ha.)

* Speaking of Prius drivers...I have nothing against you, honest, it's just you kinda stick out in your "humanness" all the more when you are being, um human... So I bought in to the Girl Scout Cookie Scam because I am weak and I love Samoas and was curious about the Dulce de Leche (more about these in a later post) and seeing as I'd already decided the $10 bill was gone (the change would likely go into my vending-machine kitty), when the little girl with the lisp (oh yeah, more on her later) asked if I wanted to donate my change to the homeless or our troups...I did. The fellow next to me held out his hand for his change. As we walked over to our respective cars I saw he was a Prius owner and had to chuckle...I know every penny counts in this economy...but still, it was the dino-burning girl that gave up her change for a cause...and not the enviro-guy? (Hey, in this car-centric society you know you are what you drive, and all that BS.)

* The little girlscout with the lisp...or... If you want to sell Girl Scout Cookies make sure you have one of her at your table. Chica had manners to boot! There is nothing that will suck in the crowd like a sweet little girl whose face lights up as you exit the market and says, "Excuse me, would you like to help the Girl Scouts?" No really, she said "excuse me." She did not shove anything in my direction and she was so totally polite it was like a tractor beam had ensnared us all. If the need should arise I have already promised myself not to purchase anymore blood money cookies from anyone but her.

* I don't seem to care how famous and awesome and god-like Van Morrison is (thanks to NPR I know he is still alive and touring or something), I still make fun of his music. I think mostly because he looks like my dad and his song styles must have involved a whole lotta drugs and drink to have a grown man record something with "dow dow dow dow dow dow dow" in the lyrics. Please don't shoot me.

* My tax guy will know me by the sterility of my packet. Um, yes , I have a tax guy. I have paid him money to do my taxes for all but two of the last 10 years. (Stupid x husband who wanted a "local" guy who REAMED us that one year and wanted more the next!) Anywho, having the short-term memory of a gnat lately (it is amazing what pain does to your brain) I got all my stuff together for him, including my yearly letter asking how he was etc., so forth/niceties that make us human, and went to the post office to send it off to him. I was not prepared enough to have an envelope ready to go, that is what the PO supplies are there for, right? Back at home when I went to pull out my new book of stamps? Um, yeah, apparently I'd sent him everything but the letter that personalizes this whole experience.

And lastly:

* I was thisclose to getting rear-ended by my boss' boss' boss the other day. Seattle has these SUPERLONG city blocks with no crosswalks (shocking, I know) so back a million years ago a law was passed that pretty much said that if a person is in the act of crossing the street, you stop for them, whether or not they are in a crosswalk. This is not an abused priveledge by any means, but um, people tend to forget. Being a super-paranoid-gramma-driver? I always stop. Especially in front of hospitals, as we were. I did not know who was driving the car that appeared so suddenly and so hugely in my rear-view mirror until he scooted around me farther down the road to make a right turn. Yep, I ALMOST flipped him off, but for some reason (the gods?) I didn't.

And that brings you up to date. (And the spell-check is broken, so forgive my errors.)


erin said...

Your Prius stories made me giggle.

Also: water that is too hot is just as miserable in the Neti Pot. Eeeesh.

Beth said...

I escaped the Girl Scout thing this year. We only had one person ask us to buy cookies and my husband got a kind I don't like as much.