Monday, March 16, 2009

I Did Jinx Myself, Didn't I?

Except, happily, I also met my goal for the was a little one:

Spend as little time in front of my computer as possible.

I didn't even read the BBC or Seattle Times or anything (I get 99% of my news online). Just couldn't do really is cyclical, what with me having to squint at numbers on a screen and get things to balance and take stuff from one account and get it into another...urgh. All before the closing deadline...urgh. But now I'm back for a bit, until I get sick and tired of it all month.

So, hi, I'm catching up and reading the day's discoveries...and I'm told I started being "old" at 27 because some "scientists" have stated we reach our top mental capabilities at like 22 or some BS like that and we all decline whole-heartedly by 27. See, when you look back at your college senior thesis and think, "Man, I was smarter then!" Um, you were...according to these guys.

I don't buy it, myself. I think people have those "peaks" because, yeah, that might be the apex of your learning in life, I mean, you're about to graduate from school and your brains are stuffed! So unless you go on to learn more and more and more? Yeah, your brain will cope by letting slip the Pythagorean theorem or the ADP/RDP formula in lieu of your intense need to remember such things as, "Did I pack Billy a lunch today?" Which becomes way more important.

Or something.

Anyway...the pie/Pi activity was a hoot...and the pictures of my pathetic attempts are still on the nothing to show today.

I did finish the knitting part of some baby socks for L&L's T. Heel-less ones as she is growing like a weed and it's still kinda cold here. But I have to graft the toes...which is the hardest bit. I'm also at the toe of a sock for me...and finally got to the feet for some socks for Andy. Hmmm, kinda a whole lot of sock knitting...and there's to be more. I kinda signed up for the Sock Madness thing again. So I see all this other sock knitting as, um, training, yep, that's it.

Happy Monday!

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Beth said...

I agree with your assessment about mental capabilities. When an individual is in his/her 30s, 40s, ... there is so much going on. Too much to be able to remember the stuff we learned in college and haven't used since.