Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moving Up a Demographic Unit

I had no idea this would freak me out so much. (What, me freak out! Ha ha ha, I know.)

So you know those silly usually marketing-related boxes asking for age ranges? 28-30, 5-7, etc. and so forth?

A few weeks ago, when I last ran into one, there was this explosive sigh of relief that came out of me (that I had no idea was there, would be there, would come from me) when I realized I was still in only the second age range! See, the box options were:
__ 18-24
__ 25-34
__ 35-44
etc and so forth.

What this was for, I can't even remember. (The mind is the first thing to go, after all :) This is why I keep blog, and a journal, and write letters, so that when I can't even remember my first name, I'll have a fabulous story of some woman's life to look back on...or something...where was I?)

Right, so back then, a few weeks ago? I was that middle demographic and was elated to still be there.

This morning? At midnight no less when Andy and Tim lifted their glasses to toast the end of Andy's birthday celebration and the beginning of mine? No more. The mantel has been passed. I'm now part of a different marketing research scheme. My google ads will no doubt start changing. Facebook will probably keep advertising that belly-fat thing they've been doing for forever, but what's next!?! Cialis ads? (Was it me or were there WAY more of those kind of commercials during last week's LOST episode--it's the only thing I watch "live" right now. Speaks VOLUMES about who ABC thinks is watching that show.)

I think my main problem here (besides the fact that maybe I am as kookie as my cousin V usually describes me as) is that I don't like 7 x 5. It's a numbers thing. I know, I'm a little odd, that's why you're here, either checking up on me or laughing at the silliness. No stalking though, that's just not the road we need to go down :).

Anyway, I did not get enough sleep last night to dwell on these things in such public forums as blog posts, so instead I'll switch gears and list things that make me happy right now on this, the dawn (well, almost afternoon) of the first day of my 35th year:

- My hair is so long now that if I wear it "down" it sweeps across my elbows as I walk. This is a silly thing but there is no end to the amusement it gives me. Almost as much as it did when it was so short that it used to tickle my neck. (I'm not sure which I like better...more on this later.)

- All of my work pants are too big. (I wish this was a general statement, but I tend to wash all of my pants (jeans included) in hot water and though I'm winning the race to stay smaller than my work pants, denim shrinks faster than I we're still fighting the good fight.)

ETA - And they PAY me to do math EVERY DAY baby brother was born in 1992, so I was a WHOLE YEAR wrong here...
- My little brother liked his birthday present (I got him the first three volumes of "season 8" of the Buffy saga.) So I'm still kinda cool in his eyes, for an old lady (he turned 1617 (SIXTEENSEVENTEEN!!) on Monday, I am SOOOOO old compared to that).

- My mom and I have good conversations on the phone, including last night as I was rushing around cooking Andy's birthday dinner (homemade chicken soup) and baking him oatmeal cookies and she laughed and laughed at my Spanglish and a couple swear words because really, I should not be cooking, baking, AND talking on the phone at the same time. There should be laws. But anyway, real conversations are so nice to have! (Instead of the one-sided lecture series circa 1993-1999 or so...)

- Trader Joes hand cream from the restroom at work makes me very happy. Even if it does smell like little old lady. I don't mind that smell so much as I did about 10 years ago when there was nothing and no-how that I'd use anything (Neutrogena "Fisherman's Friend" anyone) that would make my hands feel so wonderful but smell like I was, um, not 25...I am so not that person anymore.

- Early birthday wishes from all of you that thought I would be way too busy today and tonight to get your phone call or email. See, I'm going to try to dwell on the positive here and be all cheery that you cared enough to drop me a line, and not the negative that I'm actually working all day today and yeah, let the young people party like it's on sale for $19.99. Unless I get a nap? Or lots of sugar? I'll be in bed at my usual hour. Oh wait, I wasn't going to dwell on the negative. My bad.

Okay, back to the salt mines with me.


erin said...

Happy, happy birthday! I vote you do something fun before hitting the hay tonight... go out for sushi! Or something that is not sushi!

Hope you have an easy day at work and that the sun is still shining when you head home tonight.

erin said...

I am coming back to your blog not to be a stalker, but to tell you that you are a genius! Can't believe I didn't think of the whole "I sit on it ALL DAY AT WORK" factor. Makes perfect sense!

Beth said...

Happy birthday to you!

Okay, I have to tell you that I have the same concern about moving out of the survey age bracket. I've been taking online surveys lately and have felt so happy to still be in the 35-44 range. But unfortunately, next week I'll move out of the one you just moved into. Hey, I can tell you that you will probably still get the same FB ads. I see jiggling bellies and wrinkly ladies all the time, but no Cialis. :)

tana said...

I hope you had a great birthday.