Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Random Picture Wednesday

Can you even see them? Those two blurry little images are what my parents look like at 5AM walking down the sidewalk near Terminal 3 at LAX. My mom, who had BOTH knees replaced about 13-12 years ago (one a year, we can average), is in the lead...and no, it's not an optical illusion, she really does only come up to my dad's shoulder. She's all of 4' 6" give or take a quarter inch or three depending on the shoes she's wearing. Still, I find it a little funny that my dad, with legs a foot longer and all his, is eating her dust.

Right. This of course means no knitting to show, again. Problem is possibly the same one Aloha & Oreos is having. My camera. (Can we say having a bad technology week?)

My camera is really only good for "brightest sun of the day" shots. Well, that only really happens once a day, and umm, I haven't been around with both knitting and camera in the same place to have another great photo shoot. I'm kinda tired of showing crappy pictures, so I'm waiting instead.

This of course will put me behind, cuz I did join something a bit ago, but have not had the chance to do much about, oh, posting the button or posting on the site itself:

They even take Pantas! Does mine count I wonder??? I actually was knitting it when I first asked to join the KAL...I'll say as much and see if it's okay.

Yup, time is of the essence these days. Tuesday was my last day at one of my libraries. Today was my "official" last day at the other. But as it's in town and walking distance, I said I'd fill in when they needed tee hee, I'm working tomorrow and Friday. And all of next week...eep. Then it's off to Seattle to find shelter, I mean a nice place to live, yes. I need to seriously start looking for work as well. I've only been half-heartedly searching. I just don't know what I want to do. Worse case, there's always a temp. agency to sign up with.

So Andy says my blog would be more interesting if I didn't meander through so many topics in one go...I said I'd think about the advantages of brevity and focus. I don't think that's a "go" tonight though. Sorry Andy, sorry dear readers. Maybe next time.

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