Friday, February 10, 2006

Too Darned Hot...

I must be thinking of LA and the fact that they're to have 80 degree weather all weekend. Little jealous, if not for the fact that it is LA. I love my family and friends who still live there, honest, but I can't stand the city itself. It gives me rashes...

Which is probably to open/segue to tonight's thoughts and ramblings...

Some weird-ass things not covered in my 100 things :) AKA that 5 idiosyncrasy meme
1. My body physically reacts to my mental state. I am prone to rashes from stress, headaches from anxiety, eye twitches from exhaustion or overwork. How did I make it this far I wonder?

2. My baby blanket, it's still here, keeps me warm. Will be mine until there is nothing left of it, so keep away! My mom thought it'd be such a nice thing to give it to my little brother when I was away at college (he'd just been born). HA! I showed her, came home for a visit and whisked it away! (I bought him a replacement, I'm not that evil, sheesh.)

3. I have a little stuffed dragon that has usurped the place of my latest stuffed animal. I've had a series of them, beginning with, yeah, funny that, a wee little lamby who looked quite shorn. My little dragon goes with me everywhere if it requires packing a bag and leaving town for more than an overnight. He's the security blanket I need when my blanket is just far too big to come with me. Yeah, I'm not a kid anymore, but how does that equate to not being scared of things? I never quite understood.

4. I do not sleep well if I'm not using my pillow. Seriously. And my pillow (very flat, rather old...very often washed, it's a wonder it's still in one piece) lives in a light blue flannel (only in name, it's so old) pillowcase covered in white sheep. Really, I'll take a picture one of these days.

5. I'm a pen freak. Penophile? "Levenger Porn" is what Andy calls it. In my purse? A rainbow of colors for all my needs. Fountain pens, with pretty colored ink....ahhhhh.

Okay, I'll stop now. Cuz the "too darned hot?" It's my laptop. Even the keyboard is overheating. That's a good time for me to let it go sleepy sleepy. Especially as I don't have anything of interest to share today.

Good luck to the Knitting Olympians (as well as those other, you know, regular Olympians :)). I'm off to Cottonwood this weekend to play with a 6-month old. Maybe one of those pairs of socks will fit him? You never know. (As my "H" key is sticking, more of a reason to stop for the night.)

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