Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sometimes It's Best to Start ALL Over....

So I finished the Panta Today. I'll take a picture tomorrow as there's just not enough light for my daily-getting-worse camera.

After finishing I had such a feeling of euphoria that I was more than happy to work on my sock again. The "Classy Slip Up" in "Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fun & Stripes." But I had to stop. The Pattern is great, I was working steadily on the leg bit, getting closer and closer to the 7" goal. Then I stopped and really looked at it. It wasn't working. The stripes were melding into one another in a way I didn't started to look as if I was adding different colored yarns on the wrong row, you know, so you can see the color change mixing with the one below it? It reminded me of the amateur way I used to crochet things when I was first learning. Right, no thank you.

I'll try again, later, with maybe the recommended Lorna's Laces yarn. I have odd skeins about, from the beanie days of not too long ago. I'll be like Dobby from Harry Potter and make "similar" socks, cuz, well, who wants two of the same thing anyway, right?

I'll frog the Lana up to the ribbing and then do plain stokinette stitch. All the better to see the stripes with, my dear. But not today. Today I'm starting a little cap for a little someone in Wisconsin. Big needles make for quick projects. Just what I need for a Sunday.

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