Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hoooooo Boy, and a Random Pic For Wednesday

Right, so it's not quite Wednesday yet, but I doubt I'll have time to post. Posting all the following pics should make up for it, or something...
Andy and I took turns shoveling today. This was Andy's contribution to the day. Yes, it snowed. I haven't looked in a bit, but it might still be snowing. Yes, we leave for Seattle tomorrow...fun on a stick :). Happily our ride to the airport has an AWD little Toyota to tackle the roads. Fun.

So I spent today sorting and packing. I packed a WHOLE BOX! I sorted and sorted and was amazed at how much I own. Really. Those books I mentioned the other day? I swear, they are multiplying on their own... In one box, almost forgotten...I did mention I wasn't quite right when I packed? I found a treasure:
I had this little guy still wrapped in tissue paper. Inside was a cookbook that I packed before I thought to include it in pictures, as well as a towel with a teacher motif sewn onto one side...also buried somewhere else now. It was a gift my students gave me on my last day last year. There was much crying that day. My students and mine. So much so that I put this in the bag I was taking with me and yeah, hadn't looked at it since, horrid I know. The cookbook is of Island cuisine, put together by a Hilo association which I can't tell you word for word, because it's packed... The part that made me almost sit down and sob was when I looked inside and found a tag.
That tag has the name of a parent of one of my old students. (Did I write that correctly?) It's homemade. And from the same family that supplied me with towels for all seasons (I had their child for 7th grade English and Yearbook when he was in 8th grade), cookies galore, and were so very caring that they were the kind of parents I wish all of my students EVER should have.
As I looked at the picture of the bag I realized you can't really tell how big it is. It fits 2 balls of Cascade 220. Yeah, that's right, it's become a knitting bag. Andy says I need to admit to my addiction. Here you can see it with my current WIPs, the sock on the top left side, the scarf on the top and right sides(I finally attached the third ball of Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton...this scarf is going so slowly...).

Okay everybody, if I want to get any sleep, or dinner actually, yeah, dinner then sleep, I must scedaddle and finish putting away everything I've taken out...it kinda looks like the room exploded...no pictures though, we don't know one another that well yet. And if we do, you already know how messy I can get :).

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