Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Wonders of Modern Technology

I am typing this on my lappy at the gate to my flight.

Yep, this is still a new thing for me, having access to the 'net when not ensconced in the (relative) safety of home or work. If I ever get a smart phone, I think my brain might explode at all the possibilities I'll have at my fingertips.

Of course people around me are smirking a little as they do their surfing/blogging/facebooking on their little devices of doom. Yep, always a generation behind. Not caring all that much, really.

So, somehow I finished getting everything ready to go before midnight last night. I KNOW!

As usual I probably over-packed...but it's a sickness really, my inability to go under-prepared. Were this a school or work-related thing, it'd make sense. Rely on me, I will have the extra pen, a copy of the agenda/extra copy of the document, notes to that Chemistry class no one bothered to listen in. I am the person people come snag ibuprophen, tissues, even eye-glass cleaning supplies from (it was a free sample).

Turning that switch off when traveling? Worse, when traveling allbymyself? Impossible.

So now my back might hurt a little as dragging my not-so-carry carry-on and backpack through a million miles of airport corridors (why does my flight ALWAYS leave from the furthest gate from the check-in point??). My hope is that I'll only need half of what I'm bringing.

There seems to be stop, LA.

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