Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Money I don't have...

So we all do it, spend money we don't quite have on hand for various "necessities."

I'm shuffling things around a little, knowing rent is due next week, already? Didn't I just fork over a couple big ole' checks? Mon dieu. Sorry, I listened to 2, TWO Tracy Chevalier audio books on the trip up: The Lady and the Unicorn and The Virgin Blue. I liked the Unicorn one better. I absolutely hated the way Blue ended. It cut off too soon. Decisions were not made. Too ambivalent an ending for me.

Where was I? Oh yes, well, um, yeah, I'm plopping down some cash for a Mac Mini tomorrow. As well as an external hard drive enclosure so I might (please oh please oh please) be able to take my current info and copy it into the new computer. I'd do it tonight but I think moving has finally caught up with me. I'm exhausted. The thought of making dinner makes me want to cry. Pasta with butter it is! The fact that my lappy keeps, unexpectedly, at the worst possible times, and for no apparent reason, turning itself off, doesn't make matters any better. (Enough commas for everyone there?) I've been trying to look up the cause, but well, the bloody thing KEEPS TURNING ITSELF OFF! (There's a hole in the bucket Dear Liza...)

AAAUUUUUUMMMMMM....so I sit and knit on my mom's socks instead. I've turned the heel and am off and running on plain stockingette again as well as Listening to Arcade Fire and ignoring the fact that no one has called me back on any of the applications I've sent out.... I'm trying (very hard and failing) to convince myself that I need this free time to move in anyway. After all, if I don't do what I want to do right now, next thing I know it's 10 months later and I'm packing to move somewhere else...or something. And really, you can only put up with folders taped to the window instead of a real curtain for so long.

I'm pleading with my computer to stay on long enough to spellcheck and publish. Do you think lighting a candle or seven would help?

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