Saturday, March 18, 2006

March, CHECK!

Persistence, that is key to free blogging your way...

Here she is, really small picture though so the blogging gods will see that I am humble, really I am, just ask any of my loyal following.

My new and improved knitting bag. She's not that much bigger than the little treasure I found:

Here they are side by side. I wanted something a little deeper, an eensy bit wider, maybe with a way to close the top, and with pockets. As I was not about to alter my former students' mom's work (what a mouthful) I decided to play with the material I had lying around. Having a blizzard raging outside your door and procrastinating from packing helps a whole lot, lemme tell ya.

Here's a finished view of the inside with pockets already full to bulging. I probably should have made them deeper, but that would have: a) required more fabric, and b) would tempt me into packing even more into them. We're looking to slim down here at Tactless Wonder, the more ways the better.

I found a way to close the top. Can you see it? In the left-hand picture it's pulled up to show off the pockets, in the right-hand picture it's pulled tight. I added a drawstring closure with some extra black fabric I found in my "stash." (If you can call it fabric stash is about as large as my yarn stash, i.e., non-existent.) Here's another view:
This little detail was really rather important to me. I saw it...mmm, eons ago on another blog...was it Sheep In the City? I think so. She's the one who buys bags on every trip? Yes? Okay, so she got one that had the surprise drawstring closure. I felt I needed something similar so I too could hang up my bag on the back of a restaurant chair (or similar, I'm a proud KIPper) without drawing attention to exactly how much "tiliche" is in the bag at the moment.

Okie dokie, now to look for something orange and/or yellow...

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craftymodster said...

Your bag turned out wonderful! You have a great, giant talent. I would love to make myself a knitting bag. Did I ever try? Of course not. Thanks for the inspiration!