Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Where Did Bill Gates Go to School?

Have house, will travel, or move at any rate.

Anyone know anything about Haller Creek? Aside from the fact that I AM RENTING A HOUSE THERE?!?!? My new landlord tells me that Bill Gates went to school in the same neighborhood...and there are schools a-plenty! I might actually have to apply for teaching positions in the area.

So....stress levels lowering. Finding housing is HARD on a person. I had no idea what I'd "missed out on" by living on a boat I owned and then buying a house and living there this last, um, yeah, almost decade. I vaguely remembered how traumatic the whole "finding a place to live" was in college as most of us were living places only during the school year and going home to try to make some money...when my nieces and nephews come of age I've got plenty of advice to share...not that they'll be talking to their old and lame aunt then...you know how teenagers get...and yes, I know, they're only 3 and 1 now, but they age so quickly....this is me pondering the fact that my birthday is this Sunday and I'm no spring chicken anymore...time to trade me in for a couple 16 year olds...

Where was I before I began wallowing in self-pity? Oh yeah, the house/renting thing...so glad the search is over. I signed my life away yesterday; 10 month lease. I figure 10 months is a good round number to see if A) I like the place (Seattle I mean), B) I can work here, and C) is New Zealand still calling... I hate hate hate moving, but I'm also not one to stay where I'm not happy. I know my mom realized this the last time I visited. LA is fun, but I'm not happy there. It, like Hilo, Tahoe, ports of call in Mexico, have been waypoints in my search. I'm not looking for perfection, but home. Can I finally call a place that?

When I was in college I had to watch what I said to my mom. She'd just about explode if I said something as silly as, "Sorry I didn't call you earlier but I just got home." HOME, she'd remind me, was the house in LA. I had just gotten back to "the house I was renting." Did that become some kind of subconscious declaration of war? Cuz I never did, you know, "go home" after college. I pretty much packed up my room and left it to the wiles of my little brother...hoo boy, who's birthday is the day after tomorrow!!!! How did I forget that? Oh yeah, that moving thing... Oops. Gotta plan something quickly....

So I finished a sock, yes, singular. Have started the second one...will post pics when I'm in front of Lappy and not a borrowed lappy, which is wonderful, thank you Tim!

And it's raining in Seattle, amazing isn't it?

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jillian said...

Congrats on finding a place - that's the hardest part. Now you can start exploring the City and getting settled!

I think it takes courage to move when you're not pleased with your situation, and you should be proud of yourself :)