Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hiatus Looming...& Random Picture late Tuesday

Transforming Artificial Construct Trained for Logical Exploration and Scientific Sabotage

Thanks Snitty, I needed that. Scientific Sabotage...I like that.

Today, was long. Good thing we now have more hours of daylight than nighttime...or something. Tomorrow will be longer.

The kitchen, bathroom, Andy's office, and 'this and that', 'here and there' are all that's left to pack. Andy's already started on all three areas...I'm going for the "this and that."

We pick up the 12' moving truck tomorrow morning. Yes, 12 feet. That's all we need to haul up stuff to Washington from Cali. Lugging stuff 800 miles seems a lot to me. Then again, the last time I moved it was 3,000 miles and I mailed most of it to my mom in LA. (Yes, it's all still there, no I don't know when or how I'll get it to me in WA...details, details...) The time before that I just moved where I lived (32' sailboat) to where I wanted to be! Moving stuff? Sucks. You know just thought I'd let you know.

Tomorrow is filled with last minute packing, sorting, goodwilling, changing of addresses and cleaning cleaning cleaning. Fun.

Well, unless I get up extra early before the cable modem goes back to the folks at...ummm, wherever the cable modem lives, this might be it until WA. And I have no pictures of this craziness or my last minute gift, cuz the camera is packed. Maybe I can get Andy to take a picture of the living room...SCARY place right now. I measured out how much room we'd have in the truck, marking it out with all the extra shoes I kept finding. (Well, I'm not gonna put down duct tape on carpet or anything!) It's amazing how many shoes come out of the woodwork when you're moving. We get 11.4' x 6.4' x 6.1'. What doesn't fit gets tossed or donated to goodwill. Eep. See, it's best my junk is all at my mom's house in LA :).

I dug deep for my random picture this week, something from the archives. This is what my beautiful sailboat looked like one of the last times I saw her.
It makes me sad. Boats should not be rotting away on land. Time and circumstance gave us no choice but to take her out. I just wish that motivation to keep her pretty overrode the laziness of living on land. After I'm all set up in Seattle I'll look for and scan in what she looked like at her prettiest. My lovely Irish Rose. My first real home (not my parents' I mean).

Must keep packing...miles to go before I sleep.

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jillian said...

Glad I could help with a little distraction!

Moving does suck eggs, that's for sure. I think it's neat that you've lived on a sailboat. She'll see water again!