Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I know I've been told I'm not allowed to take pictures of the snow as I tend to jinx it and it melts and so you guys never quite see the damage the white stuff can make in California...but I just couldn't help it this morning, and I think others will be thanking me later. (Phew, enough with the long sentences that may or may not be grammatically correct.)

Here we have my shared driveway/road/across the street PK's house at 7:27AM from my bedroom window:
( Yes, photoshop arrows for easier viewing.)
The topmost arrow shows a neighbor DRIVING down the street in ruts made earlier by something with 4WD. Yes, do look closely, his car is indeed SCRAPING bottom and the snow does come three quarters of the way UP the tires. FUN! Second arrow: My neighbors' car. Though all you can see is a PILE OF SNOW. It's a Ford OLD BIG SUV of the kind that really and truly deserved the name back in the day. Yes, BURIED. Third arrow: the Bear Box. It's grown several feet with its "snow-fro." I guess running our errands yesterday was a pretty good idea, eh?

So PK's house, right behind the traveling car? Yes, well, there are two ginormous mounds of snow. That would be PK's truck and snow mobiles. Buried for my pleasure. Snow-ma?

And BTW and all, IT'S STILL SNOWING...7:49AM. As Andy and Tim would say, there will be POW POW tomorrow.

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Wendy said...

Hi! Yes, I'm in South Lake Tahoe! Love your snow pictures! (We drove to Raley's and I'm in an Internet Cafe...hope we make it home)