Friday, March 17, 2006

Red Spectrum

So I'm speed blogging this afternoon as I really really really need to get my act together and finish packing my stuff...and stuff, yeah that's another entry, but later, after I'm done wondering why I have receipts that date back more than a year...urgh.

Project Spectrum March, or the RED project.
No, not done, not nearly. I am only allowing about 10-20 minutes to work on it a day as I pack my life away...but yeah, so I had this red and black cloth:
Yup, bad picture, but no time for retakes today, we're speed blogging. I really really like it, and hope that the kanji is not saying "stupid haole" or something similar, cuz I'm making something with it to carry around my "tiliche" as my mom calls my "stuff." My knitting project stuff.
Here we have a bad picture of the inside. I wanted pockets, which is what that little treasure I found a few weeks ago, didn't have. I didn't have the time to make individual sized ones, so I just sewed a wide stripe inside and have divided it with my oh-so-scientific method of "hmmm, yeah that looks about right."
Here it is, so not finished, but nightly nearing completion. Yeah, fuzzy picture number 3. Also in the picture is my iPod which reads to me as I sew...and my little Jenome, back from the dead and sewing beautifully...if fitfully at times. I figure if I can get another year out of her, everyone will be happy.

So this, I'm sure, is old old old, but I swear it's what the Irish nuns were sayin', "Air in, go bra!" As in, suck it up and let's get rid of these over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders :).

Go drink. Be safe. Remember the water and maybe an ibuprophen or two.

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