Sunday, March 12, 2006

Puppy Kickers, Tech Support, & Pictures

Happy Sunday!
Lemme tell ya, it's quite some thing to be woken up to the screams of one pissed off neighbor. What a wonderful beginning to my day. What could make it better? Ah yes, looking out the window and watching him pick up several pieces of detritus and flinging them at their (my guess) 1.5 yr old puppy.


NO, I'm still asleep, must be! Then I see it, him actually KICKING the puppy.

Okay, I'm no pet expert. My parents kept our dogs in the back yard and they were trained enough to know where to poop, and what they could and could not touch. Except for the Labrador mixes, we even taught a number of them NOT to eat the chickens. Never could convince the labs of that, musta been the breeding (Their mamma was an award winning bird dog, go figure...). It's been a while, granted, but I don't ever remember KICKING and THROWING things to HIT as part of the training. Happy Birthday to me...

Cuz yeah, it's that time of year again. As usual I got a call from the parents. My little brother was all about talking to me today...see, he got a new (to him, we're all about hand-me-downs) computer for his birthday! But it's all backwards! He got my older brother to help him figure it out and they were both stumped! Hi, it's a Mac, and I'm the only person who knows how to use it, and I laugh and laugh. So I gave my lil' bro tech support for his birthday present (back on the 9th), and we conversed as his b-day gift to me :). Hey he's 14 now, talking to adults is so very uncool and stuff, oh yeah.

So on to the pictures:
There be Seattle, as seen from Tim's guest room 7 stories up. If you look real close, I had to ask Andy to make sure, you can see the Space Needle just right of center along the horizon. Cool clouds eh? Haven't seen the like since Hawai'i. I didn't realize how much I'd missed them.
So this is my burrday (the way my niece says it) present to myself. I got it in Downtown Seattle parts at "So Much Yarn..." after I'd completed my first sock and realized it might actually be a good thing it's a little too small for me. Mom's day is just around the corner and there's just enough blue (her fav. color) in the socks that I bet she'd like them. So of course I felt justified in buying myself more sock yarn!
I loved the name! I kept thinking of the opening party in "The Fellowship of the Ring" where Bilbo is introducing the families at his burrday party and he says something about the "ProudFootes" and the fellow says "PROUDFEET!" Yeah, I did mention I'm a heck of a Tangent Queen, right?

With no further adieu, here's where I stand with the sock:One down, and the next one is past the ribbing and chugging along. The ball by the heel is what's left over from the first skein. The one by the instep is how far I had to "travel" to find a matching starting point for sock #2! That didn't please me much, but as I saw I'd have plenty extra, I didn't worry, much.

One of the reasons I've bought myself a duplicate set of dpns is so I can actually try to make these "Wildfeete" socks at the same time, as recommended by many. The worry of matching them might be less...maybe I'm just a bit too OCD for this hand-knitting thing? We'll see.

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jillian said...

Oh that poor puppy. My heart breaks to hear that. I am thinking that would be considered animal cruelty and you could call the SPCA.

On a brighter note - Happy Birthday! I hope you're settling in OK! I'm glad you got some yarn :)