Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lappy Must Know...Random Picture Wednesday

Are computers like cars? Does Lappy know the end is near? He's behaving this morning. See, see, he says, no need to go and buy a new dual-core enemy! False sense of security, I know. I'm not that naive, shut up!

So two thoughts this morning before your random picture wednesday:
1) I dreamt I was to pick out my child from this gaggle of children (classroom of children? What would that plural be? Hee hee a coven of children, a bushel? moving on). I didn't know where to start...what would my kid look like? What color would they be? Seriously, I came out of a very dark very small woman, what would my child look like? Would they take after my mom's side of the family (small, dark, native-lookin') or my dad's (BIG, light skinned, clear eyes, ranching stock)?

No. Not having kids. Not pregnant, thank you. I dream about kids all the time. It helps to remind me why I don't teach the little leaky ones, 'member?

2) I realized and shared with Andy the thought that I call my computer by an "internet identity" like I've taken on (well, sort of, I kinda sign my emails with my name 99% of the time), you know, to protect the innocent? Cuz Lappy? Not his real name. But Andy and Tim and Richard and all them folks I actually NAME on my blog? Yeah, those would be their real names...I'm weird, I know.

I am not going to unpack the scanner/printer/behemoth right now, so we're digging into the files again...I just bought a frame for the real thing at IKEA. WOW, that store, now I know why Crazy Aunt Purl raves about it.

Okay, so I've been dragging this little guy around since I was about 16 or 17 years old. It's currently the background on Lappy. I took the picture as part of a light/shadow assignment for Mr. Zimmerman's Photography II class. Little did I know that it was later taken, mounted, and put into an art show competition. I won a prize for it but I can't tell you what it was...I don't remember anymore...that was half my life ago (eep).

My mom still has the book on the little stand in my room. The lamp died years ago. My little brother lost the tea set. I think I saw the "vase" (an OOOOOOOLLLLLLLD glass 7-up bottle that I melted wax on to get that artsy effect) at my mom's house the last time I was there. No, my old room is NOT hung with the velvet ropes or anything, since my departure it has been both my little brother's and my niece's room...I think my nephew is starting to wedge his way in too. Somehow though, little things of mine have remained untouched, ha ha ha mostly books. ICK, who would touch my books :).

I am so very afraid my computer is about to bite it big time so I'll go now.

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