Thursday, March 30, 2006

Is this thing on?

Um, writing to you from the new machine...I need a name. I've tentatively called it mini Lappy. Or maybe it should be Lappy mini? Hmmm, must ponder that. Whatever I name him, there's gonna have to be a "mini" attached to it.

I also need a couple, um, you know, try to get stuff off of Lappy. Sniff. I miss Lappy. SIX YEARS! 3 different hard drives! A "k" key that doesn't work anymore, no sound! I know, I know, it was time. How does that make it any easier?

The Mac Store does not like me BTW. I'm a hard sell. I'm sorry Steve, I just didn't want the .mac account, the personal service, the extended warranty, and all the other things that would have made my credit card bill EXPLODE. I did get the printer though. I mean, well, $99 printer + $99 rebate = free. So I'm a little gullible. SHUT. UP. Tax in WA? 8.somethin', ouch ouch ouch. I though CA was high.

So, now all I gotta do is find the camera and I'll be back in business. Though um, peoples, if I can't get my email off of Lappy, umm, write me? Cuz I don't know how else to get your info again :).

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Rebekah said...

Woo hoo a new toy, I just love a new toy!