Monday, March 13, 2006

Karma & Presents

Karma, I'm a big believer in it. Or maybe Car-ma this time. It (and Andy holding me back) is what kept me from stomping across the street and kicking my Puppy Kicking (PK for short) neighbor in the jimmy yesterday. So Puppy spent most of yesterday afternoon playing with Old Lab and cute Husky Friend (no, I don't know these people, or their dogs, but Kings Beach only has so much going on, that yeah, it's pretty easy to figure out who is what and etc.). That evening when everyone came home, Husky's owner took Puppy with Husky! PK was nowhere to be seen. This morning he came out ready to go off in his big white truck with his snow-mobiles when, ha ha ha ha ha...sorry, he realized one of the mobiles was not working. Husky Friend and his owner came by to drop off the dogs and sure enough, no playing in the snow for PK today. Today he got to try to fix his dumb ski mobile while the doggies all played far far away from him.

Presents...I like presents. 'specially for my burrday.
I received cards from all the usual suspects and was on the phone with another when Andy came back from a failed attempt at snowboarding :(. The lot was full. So instead he stopped off and got me flowers for my burrday!!! I was so very shocked. Pretty roses :). Only, um, well, we don't own any vases and are trying to pack what we do have so they're living in my purple liter Nalgene bottle for now. He'd tried to use wine bottles, but it was too silly, even for me.

Later, after his head was about to explode from trying to get his taxes together, Andy decided it was time to explore the sewing machine problem. Since February I had obtained a drill of my very own (I can't wait, the new house's garage is gonna be our work room!), the bits of varying size, a tap, and a replacement screw. I blogged about my bad local experience, so I remedied this by going to BIG HARDWARE STORE where no one helped me and I wandered around aimlessly for 45 minutes but did eventually find everything I wanted, especially the drill ;).

Well, about 2 hours later there was a sewing machine ready for tweeking. Andy knew all about removing shorn screws, but nothing about adjusting sewing machines, so I took over. For anyone who is ever in a similar situation, there are 2 adjusting screws to know about that work just like bicycle brake adjusters. Seriously. One is just above the needle, um "thingy" and one is on the arm next to all the gears for all the stitches you never ever use. One tightens the gears, the other aligns the needle. So I adjusted them until they were "good enough for gov'mint work" and tried her out. Then readjusted. Then, um, yeah adjusted some more, and then yeah...

But the final outcome: I got a working sewing machine just in time for my burrday (and that project spectrum thing I wanna do :))!!!

Okay, must go pack. We just got back from BIG HARDWARE STORE where we procured rubbermaid-esque bins for packing "stuff." Fun on a stick!

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