Friday, March 10, 2006

Should be packing....

But the Sudafed has made me ADD, I swear...
So instead I go off and join:
Project Spectrum (Still trying to work out if I should link to the button or link separately, sorry if it looks funky.)
Cuz you know, I just have SOOOOOOO much extra time on my hands these next couple weeks... But I like the idea so much that I'm spreadin' the love. That and the fact that I actually do have a couple things in my head that I've been wanting to do, and MUST do before the move, and I think I even have the material in RED...As it's been snowing for the last couple days, I'd better have ALL I need here at home, as, Andy's orders, I'm not to leave the house until I'm well again, and mother nature's orders, I'm not to DRIVE anywhere until the "snowing" thing is over.

Being housebound...and yesterday bedbound (I think I got up three times total, each time only long enough to take advil and sudafed and visit the potty, TMI, I know,) I resorted to practicing literacy and scouring my stalking buddies to keep me entertained. Thus the new link in my sidebar. Deceptively Packaged has some great places to go, lemme tell ya! Questionable Content, and I read the WHOLE thing. But the Sudafed ADD really didn't let me concentrate much on his sidebar entries, I did try though, and may have to go back and do that just so my guilt is alleviated.

Between sleeping and comic reading, I also finished Jasper Fforde's latest:
I'm so not into the mysteries, I know I know, open my mind, broaden my horizons, etc., but this is awesome. It's detective fiction like you'd never believe. It's the same fellow who wrote the Eyre Affair: et. al. that I'd written about before. Yes, more alternative universe stuff. In this one the fellow introduced in the Thursday Next Series, Jack Spratt, must find out who killed Humpty Dumpty. Yes, it sounds insane; it's beyond words. Go out and make this man wealthy and buy his book...or make your library happy and check it out. My only big stumbling block with the story line came from my lack of children's literature experience when I was growing up. I didn't get introduced to most fairy tales (barring those Disney made famous) until I was in college. So lost was I in a Children's Lit. class I sat in on that I actually own a copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales, but it is boxed in LA, so I was a bit lost here and there with some of the references. I still liked the story, a lot.

Snow, snow, and more snow...and a very tired me that needs another nap...

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