Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rube 1 Tactless 0

So I'm gonna get kicked out of the knitting bloggers community, or at least ostracized after revealing this information: I don't own a cat. Never have. The closest I've ever come is "cat-sitting" for Tim while he was in New York, and then when he first moved to Seattle. Andy and I moved into his brother's townhouse which housed the queen, Rube. There is a reason I shy away from fur-balls...allergies.

Now, I'm special in many ways, I know that cuz it's not just a cat's dander that'll make my eyes water and skin crawl & etc., no. It completely depends on the cat. Rube and I got along famously, I was her substitute Tim for far too long. She kneaded bread on my tummy and meowed her most friendliest when the cat treats were taken out of her drawer, I could even brush her, as long as I washed my hands immediately. See, her hair is what does it to me; her head-butting, if her face got too close to mine gives me hives! In a 3 bedroom house with my room being cat-free, this was not too bad. I vacuumed often and life was beautiful.

Enter the tiny 2-bedroom apartment Tim is renting. We went out often so I would not get the sneezing fits...but every morning I was chomping on sudafed and blowing my nose in hopes of ridding myself of what felt like a furball in my throat. 6 days of this did me histamines were working overtime and a half, and beat my sorry butt. I am officially sick. Urgh.

We flew back to CA and Kings Beach yesterday afternoon and I thought the plane ride would kill me, or at least make my head explode. I went straight to bed. I had fevered dreams about knitting Andy a sweater with a stockingette bottom and ribbed body, and canoeing through the snow with some of my students from Hawai'i whose hair came down to their ankles...weirdness to say the least.

I dislike being ill, motivation becomes non-existent and I have so very much to do in the next two weeks! I suppose I can still pack, but I'm not likely to be thinking clearly enough to be applying to the jobs whose applications are staring at me from my email...urgh again.

So about the sweater...I am going to knit him one, and I have the yarn, but I'd been wondering how to make the sleeves so that he can wear it over say a white t-shirt without it showing's a bulky yarn knit with US 11 needles and though I'm sure it's gonna be warm, it seems too "holey" and not wind-proof. Would it look weird to have a stockingette body with ribbed arms? I guess the fevered dream is leading me toward something useful.

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