Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Random Picture Wednesday, Snow, and B-Day

Alrighty, back on schedule. So no, you're not on LSD and seeing big fuzzy ears magically sprouting out of these poor fellows' heads (or maybe you are...hmm, moving on). Here's the lengths Tim's building went to in order to get more tenants (University District if anyone is interested). An Easter promotional open house! All I know is there was chocolate and snacks in the lobby. HAPPY BUNNIES! Well, maybe just the first guy, I think the second wanted to punch Andy (he took the picture), but well, it wouldn't exude the kind of attention they were seeking, you know?

Snow update?
Well, the garage door was frozen to the ground, and the garbage can is sitting on about 3 feet of snow(trash day). The plow has been working since 5AM and it's not snowing right at the moment. I think today is our break, and Andy's gonna try to go boarding. I tried to take a picture of the driveway, but it wasn't happening...both our next door neighbor and he were industrious about shoveling yesterday. But, if you'll imagine it for me, you can see where we stop being "neighborly" quite clearly...a 3 foot wide, 3 foot high BERM that separates our shared driveway. Nice huh?

Okay, last thing:

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Birdsong said...

Was wondering how you are handling all this late snow?! More like January than March, and I'd be up boarding if I weren't so broke.. I did love being snowed in yesterday. We are much lower in elevation and still got a foot or more.