Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Kingdom for a Bart Simpson Doll

I posted about this before, needing a plushy Bart doll for a 3-yr old? Well, outside of the LA County Faire, or wherever my lil bro got his, THEY DON'T EXIST IN REAL STORES. So I did as suggested and found one on-line...let's just hope it's what she wants. 3 yr olds can be so very fickle.

I was going to link up the picture of what I chose...but I can't seem to find him on the site anymore. I hope this means he was their only one and it's mine mine mine. Fingers crossed. I'm a newbie to this "online" shopping thing. I can probably count on one hand the purchases I've made over the last, ummm 10 years. Most of which have been airplane tickets to Mexico.

There I go with the Mexico connection again. Maybe I need to go there? If I follow CAPs horror-scopes :), it does say I should go away and take a vacation or something this month. Which is kinda freaky, I was supposed to be in Ireland right now with my xMIL. I cancelled the trip when I decided to move up here as worrying about moving and then a trip would have given me rashes that no amount of fun traveling could alleviate. Auuummmm, best not to think on it.

This time tomorrow I'll be downtown Seattle looking all professional-like and probably filling out tons of paperwork. Fun times! Best not to think on this either :).

Happy Tuesday!

ps: I have one sock done, minus the kitchnering...will post pics when #2 is done as well. Maybe even both kitchnereded...Grammar Police where are you?


Beth said...

Congrats on sock #1 being done! My socks are still "resting" in my sewing room. Friday is my last day of class, so I can do some serious knitting next week!

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

kyra said...

Hey, good luck tomorrow morning! They're very nice people... my "interview" felt like a friendly conversation. And then they introduce you to everyone in the office and make you feel all important and valued. Thing is, that's the only time I ever saw any of them in person! After that, I talked to them on the phone, but that was it. They do make the decisions to give you good or bad assignments, so I s'pose it helps to make a favorable impression... anyway, you'll do great. Knock em dead.

Funny that you said my DC friend reminds you of your hollyweird friend... my DC friend lived in Hollywood for quite awhile! I don't suppose he's a late 30s guy whose name starts with T...?! Ha, I doubt the world is THAT small.