Friday, May 05, 2006

A "DA" Moment

ETA: Don't you hate it when you forget to say one particular sentence that well, makes the whole point??? ugh.

I might have to start this as a regular thing too...

Randy Quaid, DA1 of the week:

Have you read about Randy Quaid's brilliant maneuver to gain some popularity2??? Go ahead, it's right here. For those of you (like me most times) who just want a summary:

Randy Quaid was suing Focus Films for $10 MILLION because he felt he'd been underpaid for his role in Brokeback Mountain. He was convinced by the filmmakers that this would be a low-budget artsy film that would make no money, so he got paid an itty bitty amount, or something. The film was made for $14 mil. It's brought in $160 mil. Who knew? I mean really, isn't the fact that he was IN THE FILM and now has something better than Not Another Teen Movie on his resume worth more than money3???

He completely deserves the "DA" award of the week for being a money-grubbing actor.
1 "Dumb Ass" A little acronym a teacher friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, used in order to keep her sanity in the wonderful world of middle school teaching :).
2 If by popularity we mean the kind you get when you whine and cry and shout, hey, look at me! ME! ME!!!
3 Maybe he's just jealous of Heath and Jake???

1 comment:

jillian said...

That any actor would sue for later wages based on such an opinion is beyond ludicrous to me! What a JA*.

* Jack ass :)