Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Random Picture Wednesday: Me

Remember when...
Yup, I grew up in East Los Angeles and the guy with the ponies and cowherding outfits CAME TO YOUR DOOR to make you look about as authentic as Marty McFly when he traveled back to save Doc in the Wild wild west...

30-some-odd years later (I'm not actually sure how old I was when this was taken, but my brother looks to be about 3 in his, so that makes me 1.5-ish) I look back at my youth and really really really wish I could have the healing powers I had back then.

Seriously! We bounced far better as children. Our bones weren't as solid and/or easy to break/shatter as they are now. No, I did not break my hip, thank all of the deities who are listening.

I'm reminded of the last time I hurt my hip, it was in my last bike accident. I got run off the road when this huge (well, to a bicyclist) behemoth of a vehicle decided to turn into their driveway. It's called mirrors and looking over your shoulder, people. Can't stress that enough! It was one of those split second I throw my weight toward the sidewalk or do I fly over the hood of her car... I was SLAMMED into the sidewalk. Same hip as the stair accident, by the way. Happily the adrenaline was flowing fast and hard. I'd been on my way to SIGN THE DIVORCE PAPERS... So after quickly borrowing tools to fix my tire and realign my breaks, I took off. I didn't feel ANYTHING until at the lawyer's office.

I declined to get a ride home from the secretary as it was almost all downhill and made it back home. I barely made it out of bed the next day. An Xnurse friend filled me in on the skinny of hurting yourself over the age of 30. You think it hurts bad now? Wait until day 3. She left me her car.

Day 3...that's today. I'm alternately standing and sitting and stretching as I type this. Can a person feel any more stiff and sore?

Though, this is NOTHING compared to that bike accident. I nearly twisted my wrist off with that one...well, umm, my bike you see, it was still in the way of the front tires, so I grabbed it and jerked it with all my might...yeah, way to go! This is the same bike that's sitting in the garage today, 2K+ miles from that stretch of Kino'ole Street. This time I must have used my right hand to slap out of the fall...but failed...and kinda reactivated that old hurt.


So where was I? Oh yeah, back in the day I think my cuts healed faster too. But maybe I'm just romanticizing that time? Yeah, well as I told Beth at Felt Like Knitting, I've developed a "no-thumb" knitting style for now. My cut seems to be healing nicely thanks to some immediate first aid, thanks Andy, and my keeping the wound clean and dry, thanks finger condoms! I mean cots, finger cots, yes, that's it.

And I just now hung up with HR from that library position I tried out for...back to the drawing board for me. They went with someone else. Even more fun on a stick. See, back when we were little, when did we ever have to worry about such silly things as jobs... did I call it or not? Bad week... What's next?


Rebekah said...

I think you need a hot cup of tea, and maybe added some spice to it, like with a side of whiskey. Okay I can't stand whiskey, but you get the point.

Sorry everything is crud right now. I'm sure it will be better next week.

jillian said...

I'm so sorry to hear the library gig dod not come though! Bah!

next one!

Beth said...

My brothers and I used to sit on the front steps, eating watermelon and spitting out the seeds. Or we'd chase fireflies around. Ahhh, sounds like fun and something we don't get to do as adults. I think this summer I will do both things, just for fun.

I'm sorry the job didn't work out. There will be a great job for you soon!

LeAnne said...

Sorry about the job. I had a similar "no" vote about a week home from the hospital about a job that was PERFECT for me. You ride too? I'm lying here looking at my bike hanging from my bedroom ceiling. Last year I crashed it once on a training ride and, like you, didn't feel much pain till later. What a surprise. OW. Enjoy your day. The weather is great in the PNW, isn't it!!

Birdsong said...

Sorry to hear about your accident, but glad it wasn't any worse. Does soaking in the tub help any? I think you should make a worsted weight cotton tank top for your first sweater, so that you get to wear it this summer - think of how many tiny stitches you have knit up making socks already! Get better.