Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Workin' fo' a livin'

Or something...

As my shift begins much too early in the AM this will be short. I have a craft to share for May, another "sewn object." I think, however, it's gonna be something I work with in June as well, and July and possibly August...or maybe however long my little sewing machine will give me (whichever comes first, obviously...and capt'n, I can't give 'er much more. She really is starting to die now.)

I found some "killer" fabric and I want to make stuff with it, and I don't care that it's 99% green. There might be a smidge of blue...I know there's not purple, but there are browns in it...You'll see. I love it! If I finish up my little project tomorrow evening I'll post a picture and then you really will see what's caught my eye. Nothin' too fancy here, just, dunno, you'll see.


Beth said...

Can't wait to see it. Sounds like great fabric!

I didn't do much in May. There were big plans made, but very little finishing was done.

What job do you have? Do you like it?

Lolly said...

Hey girl, no matter if it doesn't have the "right" colors! If it is a project that you are excited about, that is really all that matters! :)

jillian said...

You found a position?? Hooray!

Can't wait to see your sewing project!