Monday, May 15, 2006

Shopping + Paint Fumes = Headache

How many Tactless Wonders does it take to put new batteries in a camera?

Couldn't tell ya, still hasn't been done.

The socks are kitchnered and I need to do the blocking bit, but would it kill me to take their picture as is? NOPE. Blame it on the rain, headache, yes.

Last night I finished Neil Gaiman's American Gods. Fun. It's Science Fiction but in that "could be happening out there right now" kinda feel to it. I like those alternate present kind of plots. It makes the world seem more magical if you can see how the extraordinary can easily slip into the ordinary.

This was my first all-Gaiman novel. Before American Gods I had read Good Omens which he and Terry Pratchett co-authored. That was some good clean end-of-world fun, that one. I need to put more Gaiman on my library holds list, that's for certain.

I'm going to go hit my head against the wall for a bit, maybe the pain will go away :), or at least change. Really, I'm headed for the medicine cabinet, but you knew that.


Beth said...

I hope you are feeling better today. Yuck - fumes can be bad. But a little shopping is usually a good thing. :)

My husband likes to read science fiction. I'll have to mention those books to him.

jillian said...

Fuesmare terrible! nate likes Neil Gaiman - but not his more recent stuff :(